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CHAWK LINES -- Week in review

Bob Condotta recapped the Week in Russell Wilson Reports.

Michael Bennett, who lives in Hawaii in the offseason, says he might hold out for an upgraded deal: “I don’t mind staying home for a little while.” It’s an empty threat, and he knows it.

Cliff Avril said contract stuff won’t affect how the Seahawks come together on the field.

Danny Kelly of Field Gulls put together a nice piece on the Seahawks’ focus on “sleep as a weapon.” This dovetails with an old Vince Lombardi quote that Jimmy Johnson loved to repeat: “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

Frank Clark was at the rookie symposium, where he hopefully learned a few lessons on how to stay out of trouble. He said he is not dwelling on the past and is looking forward to finding his role with the Hawks.

Rob Rang wondered whether the Seahawks might be interested in intriguing, though slightly troubled, left tackle Isaiah Battle in the supplemental draft. Probably would require a third-round pick.

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Reviewing & projecting the roster

Jimmy Graham scores against the SeahawksDespite the loss of a couple of offensive linemen and a starting cornerback and a few ongoing contract squabbles, the Seahawks are clearly a better team than the one that blew the Super Bowl three months ago.

Jimmy Graham and Tyler Lockett should improve Seattle’s scoring ability, both on offense and special teams, and Frank Clark and Ahtyba Rubin should beef up the depth of a defensive line that was decimated throughout last season — topped by the loss of Cliff Avril to a concussion in the Super Bowl.

The Hawks also have brought in a handful of new offensive linemen as they look to replace Max Unger and James Carpenter and build some good depth on the unit while preparing for the possible departure of Russell Okung or J.R. Sweezy next offseason.

In the secondary, they have replaced Byron Maxwell with Cary Williams and also added Will Blackmon and rookie Tye Smith to fill in for the injured Jeremy Lane and make sure they don’t get caught with Tharold Simon covering quick receivers in the slot again.

The Hawks look to have some great competition along both lines, at receiver and in the secondary.

Here’s a look at the offense, with projected keepers (spoiler: Jermaine Kearse doesn’t make it).

And here’s a look at the defense, with Kevin Williams projected to return.

Rookie minicamp review

The Seattle Times offered its impressions of the weekend rookie minicamp, including the new offensive linemen and positional flexibility.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times broke down highlights from Pete Carroll’s pre-camp comments to 710 ESPN, with good news on Brandon Mebane and Alvin Bailey.

Gregg Bell of the News Tribune recovered from his anti-Clark rant in time to put up a bunch of detailed notes from the first day of the rookie camp.

Field Gulls relayed all of the video and quotes from Pete Carroll, Frank Clark and Nate Boyer.

Condotta tossed out some notes from Day 2.

Dave Boling, who loves to focus on offensive line play, gave his first impressions of Seattle’s three OL picks.

Danny O’Neil offered a second impression of Tom Cable’s new linemen.

Among the observations by the Hawks’ website after Day 1 of the camp, Tom Cable was “like a little kid in the candy store” and former defensive back Eric Pinkins is working at linebacker.

On Day 2, the website focused mainly on Tyler Lockett’s comments.

Jimmy Graham apparently thought he was traded to the Raiders, which made him “very sad,” before learning it was actually the Seahawks.


John Schneider talked more about Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett and the rest of the draft class on 710 ESPN.

As expected, the media is picking apart the Seahawks’ selection of Clark. Field Gulls compiled the reports questioning their investigative diligence.

The prosecutor in Clark’s case says there was more to the story than the police report indicated and she does not see Clark as a habitual “batterer,” per The Seattle Times.

Clark’s position coach at Michigan backs him 100 percent and thinks the Seahawks “made a tremendous pick.”

Rob Staton broke down the on-field merits of the Seahawks’ draft class: Clark’s first-round talent, Lockett’s game-breaking ability and the six other picks (plus the best UDFA they signed).

Former Green Beret Nate Boyer talked to 710 ESPN about his journey to the Seahawks. The Times’ Jayson Jenks also wrote about him.

Bob Condotta gave a detailed look at Seattle’s 12 undrafted rookies.

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On Clark: Trust the Seahawks, not the self-righteous media

NFL draftThe Seahawks were not comfortable pursuing Greg Hardy once they learned the details of his domestic-violence case, but they clearly think Frank Clark is another story. And Seahawks fans should trust them — even if some self-righteous media folks want to condemn them.

Too many people fell into the trap of convicting Clark in the court of public opinion and sentencing him to life as a social pariah based on one inflammatory police report. As John Schneider said Friday, you have to look beyond the report to find the real Clark.

On 710 ESPN on Monday, Schneider expanded on the Seahawks’ investigation into Clark’s situation. Schneider said he and two other Seahawks scouts were involved in gathering information, which included talking to people in Los Angeles and Cleveland about the player’s early background, getting information from the court and counselors in Michigan and talking to other teams to see whether they had gotten similar information and viewed him the same way Seattle did. (After the Hawks picked Clark on Friday, Schneider said he got calls from three teams that were poised to grab the pass rusher in the third round.)

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As expected, Hawks decline option on Irvin

As we expected, the Seahawks did not pick up the $7.75 million option on Bruce Irvin — at least according to his Twitter rant Sunday night.

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This draft class is full of intriguing people

NFL draftThe Seahawks put together quite an anthology of dramatic stories this weekend.

They started off with the controversial pick of Frank Clark that had plenty of people ripping Pete Carroll and John Schneider. However, by the end of the draft, they had redeemed themselves by signing the inspirational Nate Boyer.

But Clark and Boyer weren’t the only guys who came to Seattle with attention-getting stories. In fact, this might be the most dramatic class Schneider has drafted.

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As expected, the Hawks are not getting very good reviews for drafting Frank Clark.

Larry Stone of The Seattle Times said the Seahawks “uncharacteristically and inexplicably misstepped.”

News Tribune beat writer Gregg Bell set aside all objectivity as he ranted against the pick.

Seahawks.com lists Three Things to Know about Clark (obviously the team’s website goes nowhere near his legal history).

Here are Three Things to Know about Tyler Lockett, whose dad played in Kansas City when John Schneider was director of pro personnel there.

Rob Staton breaks down the Hawks’ strategy on Day 2 and looks ahead to Day 3.

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Schneider makes rare move up: Check out his 33 trades with Seattle

NFL draftWhen John Schneider finally showed up to explain his first moves of the 2015 draft on Friday, he cracked of being so late, “Sorry about that; we’ve never traded up before.”

It was a joke about his penchant for moving down in the draft and a reference to his big move up in the third round to get return wiz Tyler Lockett.

It was just the second time Schneider moved up in six drafts since he was hired as Seattle’s GM. He also moved up to get defensive tackle Jesse Williams in the fifth round in 2013.

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Carroll and Schneider are such drama queens

NFL draftYou wouldn’t think it by looking at or listening to them, but Pete Carroll and John Schneider are drama queens.

They proved it again Friday when they used their top draft pick, No. 63 overall, on one of the most controversial players in the draft: banned Michigan pass rusher Frank Clark. Then, as if to take everyone’s mind off the controversial pick of Clark, Carroll and Schneider parlayed four draft picks to move up and grab explosive return man/wide receiver Tyler Lockett six picks later.

Carroll and Schneider knew they would take heat for drafting Clark, who was kicked off the team at Michigan after a domestic violence arrest last year.

But the Hawks have never been afraid to acquire players with dubious character. They traded for Marshawn Lynch, signed Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards, traded for Kellen Winslow, drafted Bruce Irvin and Christine Michael and traded for Percy Harvin.

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