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Not a ‘knucklehead’ anymore, but is it too late for Michael?

Michael to CowboysIt took Christine Michael a long time to figure out how not to be a “knucklehead.” But is it too late now?

The 2013 second-round pick never cared enough to try to unseat Robert Turbin as Marshawn Lynch’s backup. And then, last year, he lost his roster spot to undrafted Thomas Rawls, who was such a revelation that he is expected to replace Lynch permanently as Seattle’s No. 1 back.

It took injuries to Lynch, Turbin (waived injured last summer) and Rawls for Michael to finally get some playing time in Seattle. And that happened only after he was traded to the Cowboys, released, picked up by the Redskins and released again.

Michael did well in his return to Seattle, averaging 4.9 yards per carry in the final three games of the season and rushing for 70 yards in the playoff win over Minnesota (Lynch returned for the loss to Carolina, so Michael did not get a carry in that game).

Michael recently told USA Today that he started taking the game more seriously.

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Is this the beginning of the end for Lynch?

Lynch stretchingIs this just a minor injury hiccup for Marshawn Lynch or are we seeing the beginning of the end?

Back issues have dogged him throughout his career, but the Hawks have managed him well and he has not missed a game since 2011. Now he is dealing not only with that recurring issue but a hamstring injury that could keep him out Monday against Detroit.

“We’ve just got to wait and see,” Pete Carroll said Monday, adding, “We really probably won’t know until Friday. The MRI will be important though when we get the results back from that.”

Carroll said Lynch’s “calf thing is resolving” and it’s all about the hamstring, which Lynch injured on his bobbling fourth-down catch at the end of the first half vs. the Chicago Bears.

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CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks at Rams

The Seahawks apparently are signing LB Nick Moody, a 2013 sixth-round pick by the 49ers. The move likely means Mike Morgan (hamstring) will miss more than just the opener. It’s possible the Hawks will place Morgan on IR (season or half-season). Moody is known as a good special-teams player, which is where Morgan makes his money.

Pete Carroll talked about the state of the team entering the opener, including the Kam Chancellor situation.

Defensive coordinator Kris Richard expressed optimism that Chancellor will return soon.

Rob Rang lists three reasons Chancellor’s holdout could end by next week.

Marshawn Lynch (who else?) caused a stir by wearing Chancellor’s jersey at practice Thursday, and Kam appreciated it.

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Believe it or not, Kam Chancellor says he’s holding out over a matter of $900,000. And he apparently wants to do this again in two years.

Chancellor will not play Sunday, Pete Carroll said, adding he is “disappointed in this, very much so.”

Anonymous teammates told ESPN they don’t expect Chancellor to play this year and expect the Hawks to win without him.

The Seahawks waived Robert Turbin on an injury settlement. If he is unclaimed, he will become free to sign with any team. His high ankle sprain was expected to keep him out for five weeks. The Hawks could bring him back late in the season if he does not end up with another team.

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Hawks keep up the drama

Kelcie McCraySeattle’s two most interesting positions this summer have been running back and the secondary, and the Hawks sure kept the drama rolling with their first cuts to 53 on Saturday.

Among their moves, they placed Robert Turbin on season-ending IR and acquired safety Kelcie McCray from Kansas City.

The Turbin move was a bit of an about-face from the report Friday that the Hawks were set to waive the fourth-year back, who has a high ankle sprain. If they had waived him, they would have risked losing him but also would have had the chance to bring him back. They decided instead just to stash him on IR, meaning he will miss the season. He’s a free agent next year, and this certainly will impact the market for him and probably increase the likelihood that he stays in Seattle.

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Hawks’ RB plans: Replace Turbin with Jackson, trade Michael

Robert Turbin scores as Chris Culliver chases him in the first quarter (Getty)The Seahawks were busy juggling their running back stable Friday, reportedly agreeing on a one-year deal with Fred Jackson while dangling Christine Michael in a trade and planning to waive Robert Turbin for the purpose of putting him on injured reserve.

The Hawks reportedly will waive/injured Turbin, which means he will revert to season-ending IR if no other team claims him. But, he is expected to miss only about five weeks with his high ankle sprain, so some team might be inclined to pick him up. If not, he will miss the season on Seattle’s IR.

The Hawks are taking a little gamble that Turbin will be scooped up — as they did with Michael Bowie (claimed by Cleveland) last year. But, Turbin also is scheduled to become a free agent after the season, so the risk might not be that high. Or the Hawks might not care.

If they had wanted to put him on short-term IR so he could return at midseason, they would have had to keep him as part of the 53-man roster this weekend and wait until next Tuesday to place him on IR/return (which cannot be used until the Tuesday after final cuts are made).

Meanwhile, John Schneider said Thursday that he was busy working the phones for possible trades. He didn’t mention any players, but Jason La Canfora reported Friday that the Hawks were indeed shopping Michael, the 2013 second-round pick who has not really gotten on the field.

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Lockett, Clark finish preseason like they started it: Bang!

Lockett TD Sept. 3Tyler Lockett and Frank Clark finished the preseason the way they started it — with a bang (or two or three).

And B.J. Daniels surely locked up a roster spot with his display of diversity in Seattle’s 31-21 win over Oakland on Thursday.

Lockett’s 63-yard touchdown catch off a perfect pass from Russell Wilson was the rookie’s third touchdown of the preseason — he returned a kick for a score in the first game and also had a punt return for a TD.

Clark dominated the line of scrimmage vs. the Raiders, notching a tackle for loss and causing a fumble for a TD on a sack in the end zone.

Pete Carroll was impressed with all three players.

“Obviously B.J. had a great night tonight,” he said, referencing Daniels’ great running (75 yards on seven rushes) and saying the receiver/quarterback managed the team well.

As for Lockett and Clark, Carroll said, “They’ve made great strides throughout (the preseason). Their going to definitely help us.”

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10-11 spots up for grabs

Kasen Williams Aug. 10 (Seahawks.com)As the Seahawks get ready for their final preseason game, at least 22 of them are playing their final game for Seattle.

NFL teams — currently at 75 players — have to get down to 53 by 1 p.m. Saturday.

The Seahawks have about 10-11 spots up for grabs, with almost half of those being hotly contested in the secondary.

Among the DBs, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Cary Williams and DeShawn Shead seem like locks, with Dion Bailey very likely to make it, too.

That leaves — realistically — seven players battling for four or five secondary spots: corners Will Blackmon, Tye Smith, Tharold Simon, Marcus Burley and Mohammed Seisay and safeties Steven Terrell and Ronald “Buck” Martin.

Many assume Blackmon is a lock for the nickel role, but that’s not necessarily true. Burley and Smith can play the role as well, and they are cheaper and under club control for longer than Blackmon.

Pete Carroll said he looks forward to all of the DBs showing what they can do vs. Oakland.

“Guys are going to get significant playing time where they really can get out there on the field,” he said. “It’s going to be a big game for Tharold Simon to show where he is; he had a very good first game. This will be a very big game for Mohammed Seisay to get a chance to play finally; he’s been banged up. Will Blackmon will play a good deal of minutes.

“These guys are going to get some really significant playing time — of course, the safeties, too — so this is a very important game.”

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Jackson a possible fill-in for injured Turbin

Seahawks bandagesThe reason for Fred Jackson’s visit became clear when Pete Carroll talked to media Tuesday: Robert Turbin suffered a “significant” high ankle sprain in San Diego.

Carroll said he did not know how long Turbin will be out, but it obviously will be a while (short-term IR?).

Carroll said Jackson is in just for a meeting and physical and the team had not yet decided whether to sign him.

“This is a visit for us,” Carroll said. “This isn’t a signing. This is a visit for us. We have tremendous respect for this player. He’s got obviously a wealth of background. He’s tough, he’s smart. He’s sharp. So we need to see where he is right now at 34 years old and see what he looks like. He’s got a big physical coming up today and we’ll talk to him later. But … we have not made that decision at all at this point. We love that he’s here and we are trying to get our ducks in a row for what may be necessary later on.”

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Another fourth-round flunkout for Schneider

Norwood Aug. 18John Schneider has been hailed for his ability to find mid-round diamonds in the rough, but his track record in the fourth round certainly hasn’t been responsible for that reputation.

The trade of Kevin Norwood is the latest example. And, if rookie Terry Poole is let go this week as well, Schneider’s Round 4 record will take yet another hit.

Obviously, the fourth round is a bit of a crap shoot, but teams should hit on at least half of those picks. Since Schneider took over the Seahawks in 2010, the league average on successful fourth-rounders has been between 55 and 60 percent (not counting this year, of course).

But the fourth round has been Schneider’s worst — based on typical expectations. In his six drafts, Schneider has selected a league-high 12 players in the fourth. Of the 10 drafted before this year, just four remain — and only two have really done much to help the Hawks.

Fourth and short

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