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This camp is about finding next Super core

Training camp logo2When the Seahawks put together the best run in franchise history, winning 36 games and a Super Bowl from 2012 to 2014, they did it with about two dozen core players — a third of them named Pro Bowl players during that time.

After “resetting” the team this offseason, the Seahawks have just six players left from that Super Bowl core — and a couple of those guys might not be long for the roster.

That brings us to the No. 1 goal this year, aside from trying to contend for the Super Bowl (we put their O/U at 10 wins): John Schneider and Pete Carroll need to establish the new core for the next championship window. It all starts Thursday when they begin training camp.

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How much longer will Carroll/Wilson era last?

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson plan to be clapping about their offense a lot this season (Getty Images)Are we entering the final four years of the Pete Carroll/Russell Wilson era? Or just the next four?

The recent death of Seahawks legend Chuck Knox brings to mind the future of Carroll, coming shortly after Wilson’s destiny was a hot topic in the wake of another record-setting QB deal.

Seattle’s coach and QB are signed for two more years, and the pessimist’s view says Carroll’s age and Wilson’s price could mean both are gone by 2022. But the Positive Petes out there would point out that Carroll is spry enough to coach 10 more years and Wilson has said he wants to play in Seattle for 20.

Either way, four looks like the magic number right now.

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Hawks will pay Wilson $30M APY in 2020, but in what form?

Wilson signing contractMatt Ryan just became the NFL’s first $30 million player, and the handwringing is already beginning about Russell Wilson’s next contract.

Ryan reportedly signed a five-year deal worth $150 million, with $100 million guaranteed. So there’s the new bar for quarterbacks; Aaron Rodgers and Wilson (and maybe another QB or two) will surpass it in the next year.

Wilson is signed through 2019, so the Seahawks will need to extend him next offseason. However, it sounds like Wilson’s camp is expecting to get the franchise tag in 2020, which would mean Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, does not think the Seahawks will meet his asking price next year.

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Topic of the day: Quarterbacks

Draft -- Schneider and CarrollQuarterbacks were the topic of the day for Pete Carroll and John Schneider on Thursday. The gist of their individual messages: Colin Kaepernick still could be an option (don’t count on it), Russell Wilson’s contract is not a problem (it really isn’t) and Schneider feels like he has done a poor job of acquiring quarterbacks behind Wilson (he has).

In separate interviews, Carroll and Schneider were asked about the recent Kaepernick brouhaha, and both waved off the protest topic and gave lip-service answers about their level of interest.

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Apparently even Wilson is paranoid about his roster status

Wilson signing contractThis is the level of paranoia John Schneider has created with his surprisingly explosive offseason: Russell Wilson’s agent apparently is concerned Schneider is looking to replace the quarterback.

In a very speculative segment for NFL Network, Jim Trotter passed on this tidbit: When Schneider checked out Wyoming QB Josh Allen’s pro day, Wilson’s reps asked Schneider, “Is there anything we need to know here?”

If this report is true, it really just speaks to the uncertainty, even among the team’s leading player, over the Seahawks’ long-term plan. Wilson has watched one of the NFL’s legendary defenses get almost completely blown up this offseason (trading Earl Thomas would finish off the demolition). So perhaps it is natural for the QB to wonder what his future is.

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Is Schneider planning big offensive additions?

Logo -- Free agencyJohn Schneider is getting ready to make a couple of big moves next week.

That’s the only explanation for him wanting to cut Richard Sherman’s $11 million salary.

The question: Whom is he targeting?

One NFC personnel exec thinks he plans to spend on offense. By lopping high-priced defensive players, “they could allocate money to the offense, get Russell (Wilson) some help and some protection,” the pro personnel director told SI.com.

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Wilson in pinstripes? Remember, he’s not really from Seattle

Wilson in pinstripesRussell Wilson’s play date with the Yankees is a big reminder that most pro athletes are just transplants, on paid loan to the sports city in which they play, and have no loyalty to that city beyond the team they play for.

And sometimes not even then (ahem, Earl Thomas).

Seeing Wilson in a Yankees jersey is galling to Seattle fans who cheer both the Seahawks and Mariners. But we all have to remember Wilson is not from Seattle. He is from Wisconsin, by way of North Carolina, by way of Virginia — all a bunch of places that have nothing in common with Seattle. And his dad was a big Yankees fan.

As annoying as it is to Seattle sports fans, this is just the fulfillment of a pre-Seattle dream for Wilson.

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