Comp picks

Comp pick history 2018


This compensatory system has been in place since 1994, the year after unrestricted free agency was implemented.

The basic rules for comp picks are such:

**A team losing more or better qualifying free agents than it acquires in the previous year is eligible to receive extra draft picks.

**Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula that uses salary, playing time and postseason honors. Only unrestricted free agents whose contracts naturally expire or void (no team-forced voids) are eligible under the formula, and those who sign one-year deals for low minimums generally do not count.

**The comp signing period ends the Monday after the draft; any player signed after that does not count in the formula.

**A team receives picks that equal the net loss of compensatory free agents, with a maximum of four. The highest round in which a team can acquire a comp pick is the third (although a 10-year non-QB vet can net no more than a fifth).

**The league hands out 32 extra choices each year; if there are not 32 qualifying losses, the teams at the top of the draft receive the extra seventh-round picks until 32 choices have been allocated.

**Comp picks can be traded.

For the formula, check out Appendix V in the 2020 CBA.

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