Remember when the Seahawks ‘slammed’ the door on Hardy?

Greg HardyAs Greg Hardy proceeds to melt down in Dallas right before our eyes – and right before the Seahawks play the Cowboys this weekend — it’s a good reminder that the Seahawks realized what a head case the mercurial pass rusher was and steered away from him.

If you recall, a report out of Dallas in March indicated the Seahawks were willing to match any offer the Cowboys made for Hardy, who was facing a domestic-assault case and a suspension (which ended up being cut from 10 games to four).

The Seahawks did admit to checking into Hardy, calling it their usual “due diligence,” but general manager John Schneider also said they had zero interest in Hardy once they learned the specifics of the domestic assault case.

“We talk about being in on every single deal so we don’t miss out on something,” Schneider said in May. “… Once we found out what was going on with that situation, we were done. It was over. But we had to find out what happened. We opened that door, we looked inside and we slammed it.”

The Cowboys might be wishing they had done the same thing, with Hardy attacking teammates and coaches and generally doing his best to screw up the chemistry of an already struggling team.

The Seahawks took plenty of flak for drafting their own potential walking felony in Frank Clark, but he so far has proven the Seahawks right off the field – even if he is still trying to make a mark on it.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks are getting another great season out of Michael Bennett, who was part of that Dallas report that said Bennett wanted to be traded to Atlanta. Bennett denied ever asking for a trade and he has soldiered on without holding out or complaining too overtly about the contract he is unhappy about. Bennett and Cliff Avril are having superlative seasons.

While the Cowboys deal with the Hardy boy mystery, the only issue the Seahawks have with their pass rushers is getting a sore stomach from laughing so much at Bennett’s quotes. He had another great interview today.

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