Carroll: Clark ‘a great kid in the program’

Frank ClarkA year ago at this time, the Seahawks were in the process of vetting Frank Clark — the controversial pass rusher they were targeting at the bottom of the second round.

They were ripped for the pick by almost every mainstream media outlet, and The Seattle Times did its own reverse investigation into Clark’s domestic incident and criticized the Seahawks’ background research into Clark. (For the record, we told everyone to lay off and trust the judgment of Pete Carroll and John Schneider.)

Not surprisingly (to us), Clark made it through his first season without drawing another bad word from anyone, and Carroll said Monday that the team monitored Clark closely — he reportedly continued counseling that he had started in Michigan — and “he was a great kid in the program.”

“We learned (last year) that he was a great kid,” Carroll told SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller at the Combine. “We got a great kid that had been through some stuff that was at issue. He dealt with it very well. He handled himself well.

“We of course governed him throughout the year and made sure we stayed in connection with everything that he was doing so that we could learn, too. We didn’t want to just take for granted that Frank was OK. We wanted to make sure he was solid. He was a great kid in the program.”

Obviously, one year does not make a career or a lifetime and Clark will have to remain a good citizen if he wants to remain a Seahawk. But it sounds like Carroll and Schneider (and, you can logically assume, stellar teammates such as Michael Bennett and Brandon Mebane) are making sure he gets all the support he needs to remain “a great kid.”

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