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Schneider’s future should depend on Adams & Taylor

The spotlight is on Seattle’s GM this week as the Seahawks and Jamal Adams face the Jets and Darrell Taylor’s future remains a mystery.

John Schneider’s job security, quite frankly, should depend on two things: Whether he re-signs Adams and whether Taylor ever plays. If neither happens in 2021, the last year of Schneider’s deal, the GM should not be re-signed.  

This is not just about the two big moves to get those guys this year — deals that cost the Seahawks five high draft picks. It’s about a GM who has had a lot more failures than successes over the past seven years, who is still living off his historic 2010-12 drafts, who has whiffed at the top of his last eight drafts way too often, who rarely makes good decisions in free agency, who is not very creative with the salary cap and who for several years has been making it up as he goes, with no long-term plan.

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Cheap Hawks swapped Thomas & Clark for 3 pass rushers and a guard

Draft logo 2020Once upon a time, the Seahawks had the NFL’s top-paid players (or close to it) at three defensive positions, along with the No. 2-paid quarterback.

In 2019, they made Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner the league’s top-paid QB and middle linebacker — but they have not been interested in paying anyone else in that stratosphere since 2017, when they gave Kam Chancellor another top-three deal.

They didn’t want to pay Earl Thomas and Frank Clark in 2019, and they don’t want to pay Jadeveon Clowney this year.

Basically, they don’t want to pay elite pass rushers. So they used Thomas and Clark to draft a few. And, like it or not, they are counting on those swaps to work out.

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Redrawn lines: The state of Seattle’s roster

Draft logo 2020“We’re trying to win the Super Bowl over here. We don’t play (around). We’re trying to make it happen this year.”– Russell Wilson to rookie OG Damien Lewis

Russell Wilson wanted “superstars” this offseason. He wanted Jadeveon Clowney to return. And he obviously wants to get back to the Super Bowl.

What he has gotten is one aging star (Greg Olsen) and no Clowney (to this point), but the Hawks have revamped both lines in an effort to help Wilson lead them back to the NFL title game.

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Carroll: Prep time ‘gonna be a very big issue’

Draft logo 2020After a virtual draft dictated by mandated social distancing during this pandemic, Pete Carroll and John Schneider said they wanted to add mature, experienced players who can learn quickly and will require less time than most to prepare for the NFL.

As Schneider said, “It’s been important for us to try to acquire players that seem to be a little bit ahead of the curve from a learning standpoint in this current environment that we’re in.”

That naturally leads to the next question: Just how little time will they have to prepare for the season? And how much time do they need?

“That’s gonna be a very big issue,” Carroll said.

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Rookies are not ousting Wright, other key vets

Draft logo 2020(UPDATE: Justin Britt and D.J. Fluker were cut after this was posted.)

In the wake of the draft, and with most of us thinking Seattle still should sign a star pass rusher, there’s a lot of fan chatter about vets who might/should be cut.

Justin Britt makes sense, as we have said, because B.J. Finney looks like the new center. But some fans want Seattle to ditch K.J. Wright, Bradley McDougald, D.J. Fluker and Jacob Hollister.

Yeah, by all means, let’s cut some of the most dependable veterans and try to contend for a Super Bowl with rookies instead. Brilliant strategy!

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Hawks hit one big need, but missed two

Draft logo 2020The Seahawks hardly did a thing we expected them to in the draft.

They had three major needs – edge rusher, defensive tackle and offensive tackle – and we also expected them to move down from the first round to end up with five Day 2 picks in a draft that was especially loaded in the second round.

But, they didn’t accomplish most of those things. In fact, it’s the first time since 2015 that they did not address two of their top three needs in a draft.

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Will grit and chips help rookies play big roles?

Draft logo 2020The Seahawks have long claimed they look for rookies with “grit” who have overcome early life challenges. They think it gives those guys an edge and makes them better competitors.

“All come in with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove,” Pete Carroll said, repeating what he and John Schneider say every year.

They got “grit” guys again on Day 2 of this draft, moving up to take pass rusher Darrell Taylor and then moving down and picking guard Damien Lewis. Both overcame rough childhoods that included their dads being imprisoned (and Taylor’s mom died of breast cancer when he was a high school sophomore).

Carroll and Schneider think those hurdles — plus years of big-college experience — prepared these guys to play in the NFL as rookies, especially in a year when there will be no rookie minicamp and prep time likely will be minimal.

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On Day 2, Hawks are targeting savvy rookies

Draft logo 2020Ahead of the draft, we pointed out that the Seahawks seemed to be approaching this unusual offseason with the idea of using a veteran team and not relying on rookies given the limited prep time.

We said this class would largely be a redshirt bunch, except for positions such as running back and defensive tackle that are not as complicated and make it easier for youngsters to contribute.

Well, the Hawks apparently think they can pick a bunch of rookies who can step in right away — an odd thought considering they held back Marquise Blair last year and have rarely gotten much out of their rookies in recent years.

After picking four-year Texas Tech starter Jordyn Brooks, John Schneider said, “Our philosophy was trying to get players that, in the environment that we’re in, can come in and act like pros right away. And this is one of them.”

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Move down fails and Hawks make another surprise Day 1 pick

Draft logo 2020The Seahawks did it again: Drafted a Day 2 guy on Day 1. What else is new?

We figured they would take a linebacker, but thought they would trade down first and go for Wisconsin’s Zack Baun in Round 2.

They did indeed try to move down, John Schneider said, but Green Bay backed out of a deal. And Schneider had no one else on the line, so he stayed put for the first time since 2011 — and drafted a different linebacker, Jordyn Brooks of Texas Tech.

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