Russell Wilson era ends

Russell Wilson was traded to Denver on March 8, 2022, ending a decorated decade as Seattle’s starting quarterback. Below are the details, the reasons, the accolades and the reaction.

Trade details

Denver sent two first-rounders, two second-rounders, a fifth-rounder, QB Drew Lock, DE Shelby Harris and TE Noah Fant to Seattle for Wilson and a fourth-rounder.

That’s a net of seven players that makes it the third-best return in an NFL trade since 1989, behind the Herschel Walker deal that set up Dallas’ dynasty and Mike Ditka’s Rickey Williams marriage in the 1999 draft.

The trade came together over several weeks, with the final terms assembled when John Schneider and Denver GM George Paton met at the Combine. Here is a detailed look at the negotiations.

Seattle turned down a big offer — high picks over three years — from Washington because Wilson did not want to play there.

It’s kind of a full-circle trade, with Wilson replacing Peyton Manning, whom Seattle wanted in 2012 and beat in Super Bowl XLVIII the next year.

Here are some highlights of the Broncos who were acquired in the trade.

Why he was traded

Wilson and the Seahawks had been heading for this split for several years, as The Athletic detailed. Wilson’s overinflated ego was too large for the team to handle anymore, and it was clear through his words last season that he had resigned himself to leaving.

Schneider and Pete Carroll said Wilson wanted to leave and had made it clear he would not sign another extension. Wilson said he did not initiate it and that it was mutual — which in the end was true. As Carroll said, they all had to agree on it for it to happen.

Wilson’s breakup with the Seahawks became inevitable. Some turning points in the fraying of the relationship between Wilson and the team now seem obvious.

His Seattle ‘legacy’

Wilson led the Seahawks to their only Super Bowl title, and fans should remember all the great memories he created.

He also left a large legacy off the field with his many philanthropic endeavors.

Where does Russell Wilson rank in Seattle sports history?

See some of his best plays, including the winning TD pass in the overtime NFC title game against Green Bay.

The Seattle Times did a tribute to Wilson and Bobby Wagner, with Wilson’s top 10 plays and Wagner’s top 10 plays. They came in as “no-names” and left as legends.


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