Another fourth-round flunkout for Schneider

Norwood Aug. 18John Schneider has been hailed for his ability to find mid-round diamonds in the rough, but his track record in the fourth round certainly hasn’t been responsible for that reputation.

The trade of Kevin Norwood is the latest example. And, if rookie Terry Poole is let go this week as well, Schneider’s Round 4 record will take yet another hit.

Obviously, the fourth round is a bit of a crap shoot, but teams should hit on at least half of those picks. Since Schneider took over the Seahawks in 2010, the league average on successful fourth-rounders has been between 55 and 60 percent (not counting this year, of course).

But the fourth round has been Schneider’s worst — based on typical expectations. In his six drafts, Schneider has selected a league-high 12 players in the fourth. Of the 10 drafted before this year, just four remain — and only two have really done much to help the Hawks.

Fourth and short

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CHAWK LINES -- Kam Chancellor

Here are some recent takes on Kam Chancellor’s holdout:

Bob Condotta offered up an FAQ explaining the situation.

Andrew Brandt looked at the holdout from both sides.

John Clayton thinks Chancellor will be back next week.

Jason La Canfora said NFL teams are watching closely, hoping Seattle does not blink.

Two agents also told 12th Man Rising that everyone is watching this case.

Meanwhile, Chancellor continues to coach Seattle’s young DBs from afar.

Expect offensive issues to continue for a while

Wilson vs. Chargers Aug. 29It’s no surprise the Seattle offense looks like two
turtles in a three-legged race — slower than usual,
confused, clumsy and very green. And we expect it to
remain that way for the first few games of the season.

A year ago, the Seahawks returned four starters on the offensive line — their offense was clicking in the preseason and kept on rolling in the season opener against the Packers.

This clearly is not 2014, though. Oft-injured Max Unger and James Carpenter are gone and the Hawks are working in new starters at three line positions. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson has not looked sharp in his preseason action. He has underthrown and overthrown and failed to find receivers when he has had time.

The No. 1 offense has not scored all preseason. And, for the second straight week, Wilson correctly took blame for the offense not moving as well as it should: “Ultimately we have to finish drives. That’s on me.” But he also said he is not concerned it will carry over into the season.

We disagree. And Pete Carroll is getting a bit anxious, too.

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Preseason status report & projections: offense

B.J. DanielsThe Seahawks loved B.J. Daniels so much last year that they paid him 150 percent of the standard rate to keep him on the practice squad.

They called him up at the end of the season as a reward for his hard work on the squad, and now they are giving him every chance to make the team for real this year — as a wide receiver instead of a quarterback.

“The thought was we love him as a football player (so) let’s see if we can find a place where he can make the team and play,” Pete Carroll said. “He wants to get on the 53, so lengthy discussion back and forth really allowed us to get to that thinking: Let’s give it a shot. So he went for it in the offseason, which he needed all of that time just to kind of get acclimated, and we’ve continued on with him. He’s doing a good job and playing well in the games.”

Seattle values versatility as much as any team in the NFL, and Daniels scores points there with his ability to play wide receiver, kick returner and quarterback.

“Yeah, it’s the more you can do,” Carroll said. “That’s a real motto in the league, and he’s an example of it. I love that he covers kickoffs so aggressively too.

“He’s shown a lot of good things, got a lot of natural ability. He’s a very, very competitive kid. We like the heck out of him, and the fact that he can play quarterback is huge. Who else can do that? It’s rare to have a guy like that.”

The Seahawks have to cut the roster from 90 to 75 by Tuesday and then to 53 four days later.

Here’s a look at the offense heading into today’s game in San Diego:

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Preseason status report & projections: Defense

Dion Bailey Aug. 10 ( secondary is one of the Seahawks’ most competitive spots this summer, but most of the competition has been missing the past week or so thanks to a
legion of boo-boos.

In Kansas City, the Hawks were without seven of their 11 cornerbacks and had only four safeties available. It was so bad that DeShawn Shead moved from safety to start at corner and fifth-round rookie Tye Smith played almost the entire game.

Shead and Smith both took advantage of their chances, drawing praise from coach Pete Carroll after playing tight coverage throughout the game.

Now it’s time for the rest of the corners to get their chances when the Seahawks play the Chargers in San Diego on Saturday night. Richard Sherman, Will Blackmon and Tharold Simon all are expected to play — with Blackmon needing to nail down the nickel job and Simon needing to prove he should be on the team (forget about starting).

Meanwhile, safety Earl Thomas apparently is on track to be ready for the opener in St. Louis on Sept. 13.

“Earl got a lot of work this week. He’s getting ready to be in shape to play for the opener,” Carroll said. “His timing is getting down, his calls, you can see him fitting in, his intensity that he brings is starting to show up. That’s important.”

The Seahawks have to cut the roster from 90 to 75 by Tuesday and then to 53 four days later.

Here’s a look at the defense heading into the third preseason game:

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CHAWK LINES -- Training camp new

Marshawn Lynch won’t have to pay his $75,000 fine for not talking after the NFC title game — provided he talks to the media going forward. So, be prepared for more variations of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Recovery Watergate is still overflowing with overreaction, with some people taking Russell Wilson’s comments far too seriously. Have a Recovery Glass of Wine and chill out, folks.

K.J. Wright said he felt like he gave up too many touchdowns last year — he is right — and he explained how he is going to fix it.

Tharold Simon thinks he’s going to compete for a starting gig. He also admits he was not prepared in the Super Bowl. Tell us something we don’t know, Simon. And, yeah, good luck with that starting job.

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Honeymoon is over: Wilson can’t please anyone apparently

Wilson HBO clipWant to know the real reason Russell Wilson drinks Recovery Water? To wash away the bad taste from all of the stupid or hateful things crappy people say about him.

For as great as the guy has been for Seattle — a standup person, a charitable man, a highly skilled player, a great leader, a Super Bowl champion — he sure has taken a lot of flak from fans this year. The honeymoon celebrated by an entire city that fell in love with him in 2012 and 2013 apparently is over.

Maybe it’s the goal-line interception in the Super Bowl, or maybe it’s his increased celebrity and association with other stars, or maybe it’s his girlfriend (one of said stars), or maybe it’s his faith in God. Whatever it is, people seem to find a lot about him to pick apart.

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CHAWK LINES -- Training camp new

A former GM joins the chorus of those who think the Hawks might end up having to trade Kam Chancellor.

If it comes to that, where might the Seahawks trade their Pro Bowl safety — and for what?

Doug Baldwin calls the Chancellor holdout “the price of success” and says “it’s a difficult time, both for the organization and for him.”

Bob Condotta answered the question: Has a player ever held out for a full season? The next natural question is: What happened after that? John Riggins returned to the Redskins after new coach Joe Gibbs recruited him back. Sean Gilbert left Washington for Carolina. Todd Bell — like Chancellor, a thumping star safety — returned to Chicago under a new deal the next year. But he regretted missing out on the Bears’ Super Bowl title in 1985.

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Broncos will pay Mathis up to $4 million

Despite Evan Mathis’ visit this week, the Seahawks seemingly had little chance of signing the free-agent Pro Bowl guard. And it turns out they couldn’t, as he signed with the Denver Broncos instead on Tuesday.

The deal is worth up to $4 million, per Adam Caplan. The Hawks couldn’t really go past $3.5 million — and even that would have required them to shuffle a contract or two.

Pete Carroll had basically referenced the difficulty Monday when he said, “He would obviously bring us experience and all that, but there’s a lot of (financial) issues here that we have to take care of to get that in order. We got the information that we needed.”

The Hawks moved on to Samson Satele, who is still on the market despite starting 16 games for Miami last season. It remains to be seen whether they work something out with him or just stick with their youthful crew.

“We’re going to keep competing to figure out who else is there and available as we try to make our choices,” Carroll said Monday, “and really we’re going one step at a time. … We’re continuing to look at who’s available.”

CHAWK LINES -- Training camp new

Michael Bennett made some waves this morning talking about mediocre QBs getting mega money, but he also said of his own contract dissatisfaction, “I can’t let my unhappiness trump my professionalism.”

Marshawn Lynch was fined $75,000 for not talking after the NFC title game, bringing his total fines from last year to $195,000 (as far as we know).

It appears Evan Mathis might be willing to play for an incentive-laden deal that paid him $3.5 million or so. The Hawks could do that.

Mathis is going to pick a team by the end of the week, agent Drew Rosenhaus said.

Rumblings that the Seahawks might be willing to make a concession for Kam Chancellor. #CanOfWorms

The Hawks also had free-agent center Samson Satele in for a visit.

While the Hawks consider adding a veteran, they will start the same five this week — Okung, Britt, Nowak, Sweezy, Gilliam.

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