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Hawks must add their pass rusher by draft day

Logo -- Free agencyThe closer it gets to draft time, the closer it gets to decision time for the Seahawks about which established pass rusher they are going to add.

We already said the team needs to move on from Jadeveon Clowney if he is seeking just a one-year deal at this point, but now it seems he might be intent on waiting until the COVID-19 shutdown is lifted so he can undergo physicals in the hope of getting what he wants (at least $20 million a year).

If that is the case, it’s definitely time to move on; Seattle has to have a pass rusher before the draft begins April 23.

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If Clowney won’t commit, Seahawks should quickly grab Griffen

Logo -- Free agencyIf Jadeveon Clowney wants only a one-year deal, the Seahawks should sign Everson Griffen instead.

Clowney’s market might be under $15 million at this point, per 710 ESPN’s John Clayton. We all know about the pandemic hurdle to teams giving Clowney a physical, but Clayton brings up another interesting thought: There aren’t many 4-3 teams in need of pass rushers now.

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Good news: Schneider is willing to trade for ‘premier’ pass rusher

NFL draft“What we’re trying to find is a real premier pass-rush guy to play the LEO spot.” — Pete Carroll  

John Schneider has never been shy to trade his first-round pick for a shot at an impact player. He did it in 2013 (for Percy Harvin) and 2015 (for Jimmy Graham). Now, fortunately, it looks like he is willing to do it again.

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Are the Seahawks willing to pay Ngakoue?

NgakoueThe Seahawks, who have declared their desire to improve their pass rush this offseason, reportedly are interested in acquiring Yannick Ngakoue from Jacksonville. It certainly makes sense, but how realistic is it?

Ngakoue is expected to be tagged and traded by the Jags; he has said he will not sign a long-term deal there. But what would he cost, in picks and pay?

Sources tell NFL draft insider Tony Pauline that the Seahawks might be able to get him for a second-rounder and a swap of their first-rounder for the Jags’ 2. That seems legit.

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Seattle will know Griffen’s status Feb. 25

Logo -- Free agencyAs we maintain the drumbeat for Seattle to upgrade its pass rush this offseason, one of the mallets we have been using all along is Everson Griffen.

Whether it’s by trade or by free-agent signing, it just seems like a pretty fair chance that Pete Carroll and his former USC standout end up reuniting. And that is regardless of whether the Hawks keep Jadeveon Clowney.

Next Tuesday is a day that looms fairly significant in this possible acquisition, as Griffen has until then to opt out of his contract. (H/T to Greg Haugsven for getting the date from contract expert Joel Corry.)

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Schneider should check into Myles Garrett

John Schneider drafting(Updated 2/12) As we bang the drum ever louder and faster for the Seahawks to add a couple of good pass rushers, here’s a name in the news John Schneider should be thinking about: Myles Garrett.

Garrett was suspended for infamously pounding Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph on the head with a helmet during an in-game melee last November. It was a wicked assault that certainly merited a suspension, but we aren’t among the self-righteous who think he deserves a lifelong ban or no second chance.

Garrett, the No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft, met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday and was reinstated Wednesday.

If he has not already done so, Schneider should give new Browns GM Andrew Berry a call and see whether he can get the 32-year-old neophyte to surrender Garrett for a reasonable price (though no trade could be made until March 18).

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What are options if Schneider doesn’t pay Clowney?

Logo -- Free agencyAs the countdown to the new league year and free agency drops under six weeks, NFL fans are salivating over the thought of which players their teams might sign to help them improve.

Seahawks fans know the team needs to focus on the defensive line above all else, and pretty much everyone is hoping John Schneider will break form and pay Jadeveon Clowney the outrageous fortune pass rushers like him make these days.

But what if Schneider doesn’t? Despite having around $50 million for free agents, what if he doesn’t break his MO at all, refusing to splurge on any “superstars” as Russell Wilson suggested he needs to?

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Will Schneider pay his top pass rusher this time? And who else?

Logo -- Free agencyJohn Schneider is living his own version of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day.”

A year ago, he had to decide whether to pay his best pass rusher. He didn’t, so now here he is again, in the exact same situation.

As the Seahawks entered last offseason off a terrible playoff loss in Dallas, their biggest need was to fortify their pass rush. Schneider didn’t want to pay $20 million a year to Frank Clark, though, so the GM made a move that was unprecedented for him: getting great draft value for a star in his prime.

Now, a year and another playoff loss later, Schneider is in the exact same spot — with Jadeveon Clowney now in Clark’s seat and Seattle still needing a second pass rusher as well because Ziggy Ansah did not work out.

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Schneider’s veteran trades paying off

Logo -- At San FranciscoTo beat the 49ers, the Seahawks merely had to give up Jacob Martin, Barkevious Mingo and a couple of 2020 mid-round draft picks. That was the cheap price for keeping the Hawks in the hunt for the NFC’s top seed.

Of John Schneider’s 11 trades this year, three were for veteran players — Jadeveon Clowney, Quandre Diggs and Jacob Hollister. And all three played major roles in the big win over the 49ers and are set to continue their impact as the season marches on after the Week 11 bye.

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Hawks will use (start?) ‘playmaker’ Diggs immediately

Seahawks bandagesIf you believe Pete Carroll, Quandre Diggs is not coming to replace struggling Tedric Thompson.

“No, it’s the guys that are banged up and not knowing when they’ll get back,” Carroll told reporters, referring to Bradley McDougald (back spasms) and Lano Hill (elbow).

But Diggs might indeed start alongside rookie Marquise Blair on Sunday at Atlanta. Carroll mentioned free safety as Diggs’ initial spot, but also said he could play strong safety or nickel.

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