Quick thoughts on Wilson’s contract

Wilson signing contract(Update No. 2: We had it the first time)

Some thoughts on Russell Wilson’s reported four-year, $87.6 million extension:

**The $21.9 million average puts Wilson right behind Aaron Rodgers ($22 million) for No. 2 in average annual salary among NFL QBs.

**The $31 million signing bonus matches the bonus Pittsburgh gave Ben Roethlisberger and the guaranteed money Carolina gave Cam Newton this offseason. Agent Mark Rodgers said they split it up for tax purposes, but it is all guaranteed.

**The $61.5 million in total guarantees is the most Seattle has paid to a player. Richard Sherman received $40 million in rolling guarantees. It also trumps Newton’s $60 million in total guarantees.

Wilson's deal**Although Wagner tweeted out an ominous statement — “Can’t keep everyone” — the Seahawks still could afford Wagner if he’s amenable to something like a four-year, $38 million deal with a $10 million signing bonus. Pete Carroll said, “We’re on it. Anything you’ve heard otherwise is wrong. I hope he’s with us for a long time.” Wagner said the deadline for a deal is “now” and said he had considered holding out, a la Chancellor, until a deal was done.

**Now that Wilson is signed, Brandon Mebane might be in danger. The Hawks have around $4 million left under the salary cap; and, if they want to sign Wagner, they might need some breathing room from somewhere to account for practice squad and injury replacements during the season.

**Holdout Kam Chancellor congratulated Wilson on his deal via Twitter, and Carroll made it sound like the Hawks might try to accommodate him, saying: “Kam Chancellor is an amazing Seahawk. We want to make something happen. We want him back immediately.”


Moon: Wilson doesn’t want ‘obsolete’ deal

Moon and WilsonRussell Wilson is trying to avoid the situation Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor find themselves in, but that’s not how the NFL marketplace works — and that’s why no deal is likely.

As the presumed deadline (Friday) for a deal rapidly approaches, Warren Moon said Wilson and his agent, Mark Rodgers, actually are negotiating based on the future market for quarterbacks.

So, instead of trying to beat Aaron Rodgers’ $22 million a year and $54 million guaranteed, they are trying to get ahead of the market so they can avoid getting trumped next year by Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, et al.

“I don’t think Russell necessarily wants to be the highest paid in the league,” Moon told SI.com. “He understands where the QB market is going. If Russell was able to get $22 million right now, there are going to be four or five guys who leapfrog him. He just wants to stay in suit with the guys at the top. He doesn’t want to sign a deal that becomes obsolete.”

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Why Chancellor is unhappy — and why it doesn’t matter

Kam Chancellor and Tony McDaniel celebrate a stop vs. Carolina on Saturday (Seahawks.com)It probably should be no surprise that Kam Chancellor reportedly has joined the chorus of Seahawks wanting more money, but John Schneider has to be simultaneously laughing and crying over yet another request for a raise.

As if Schneider and contract dealer Matt Thomas don’t have enough going on …

So, why is Chancellor unhappy? Since he signed his four-year, $28 million deal in 2013, four safeties have come along and trumped his $7 million annual average. That includes his own Legion of Boom sidekick, Earl Thomas, who makes $10 million a year.

Chancellor has gone from fourth in annual value among safeties to eighth, with Devin McCourty ($9.5 million), Jairus Byrd ($9 million), Eric Berry ($8.34 million), Dashon Goldson ($8.25 million), Eric Weddle ($8 million) and Reshad Jones (just over $7 million) trumping him.

Like Michael Bennett, Chancellor apparently is upset that his deal has been surpassed by the market. And, like Bennett, Chancellor must know that is how it works and there is almost no chance the Hawks are going to adjust his deal this year.

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CHAWK LINES -- Week in review

The latest in Russell Wilson talks: The Hawks reportedly have offered a deal worth $21 million per year but paying less than $20 million in 2015.

Field Gulls said the Hawks offered $54 million guaranteed last month. Former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, who once was John Schneider’s boss, apparently has heard the Hawks’ offer, too, and thinks it is “very fair” and Wilson should take it. Easy for him to say, of course.

The gossip queens went wild over Mike Sando’s QB survey, which placed Wilson eighth or something. We couldn’t care less. (And no, it has no impact on his contract situation.)

Meanwhile, Wilson is working on his boxing in San Diego ahead of training camp starting Friday.

Word also came that the Seahawks are closing in on a deal with Bobby Wagner.

Ricardo Lockette wrote that he refuses to watch a replay of the ill-fated pass at the end of the Super Bowl. But he said Wilson told him, “We’re going to get back there; and, if we’re in that same position again, I’m going to throw you the ball again. We’re going to get it done. I trust you.”

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Wagner is worth $9M to league’s No. 1 defense

Defense with and without WagnerWhen Bobby Wagner signs his new contract — and it appears that could be in time for training camp next week — every offense that has to face the Seahawks’ defense for the next three seasons is going to shed a few more tears.

You would too if you knew the No. 1 defense of the last three years likely will remain that way for the next three — with Wagner, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, K.J. Wright and Cliff Avril (and maybe Michael Bennett) all under contract. That’s seven starters signed through at least 2017. And that doesn’t count Cary Williams, Frank Clark or Kevin Pierre-Louis — expected key contributors all signed through 2017 as well. Continue reading Wagner is worth $9M to league’s No. 1 defense

More indicators that Wilson’s agent is being unreasonable

Wilson and the RodgersWe’ve long suspected that Russell Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, was going to be a problem for the Seahawks in contract negotiations, and it is becoming increasingly clear that he is indeed the problem.

The most recent tidbits over the last couple of days come from some guys with a little insider info: former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren and Field Gulls.

On Wednesday, Holmgren said on KJR-AM that the offer he has heard is “very fair” and “the Seahawks are not lowballing” Wilson. Of course, that is coming from a guy who has always been on the management side of such talks. But Holmgren has been involved in enough deals to know what is fair.

Add to his comments what the guys at Field Gulls said in their podcast Thursday: They were told last month by a trusted source that the Seahawks had offered Wilson $54 million in guaranteed money, which would match the record amount the Packers gave Aaron Rodgers in 2013.

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Okung knows his worth, but what is it?

Russell Okung talks with GM John Schneider during minicamp in June (AP)As if the Seahawks didn’t already have enough odd contract situations, Russell Okung has added another one.

Russell Wilson’s marathon negotiations have received the most attention, as the quarterback reportedly seeks to be the highest-paid player in the game. On top of that, Michael Bennett has been grouching about his deal, just one year after signing it; Bruce Irvin bitched about not having his 2016 option picked up and talked about playing in Atlanta next year; and the Hawks also are talking with Bobby Wagner about a contract that could end up making him the highest-paid middle linebacker in the NFL.

Now we can add to that cauldron of contract conundrums the news that Okung plans to represent himself. As part of what he eloquently wrote on The Players’ Tribune, he said: “Before I became a free agent, I decided to free my agent.”

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If Wilson wants to stay past 2017, he might need to fire Rodgers

Wilson and the RodgersIf Russell Wilson wants to remain a Seattle Seahawk beyond 2017, he might have to fire Mark Rodgers and bring back Bus Cook.

Once Wilson dismissed Cook, a veteran NFL agent, last December, it was easy to see the handwriting on the wall: Rodgers, an inexperienced NFL contract negotiator, would use baseball economics in his negotiations with the Hawks and drag out a process that should have been relatively simple.

Ta da! Here we are.

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CHAWK LINES -- Week in review

Marshawn Lynch went Beast Mode during a kickball game at his community barbecue in Oakland.

Lynch’s biopic has been canceled because it is “terrible.” If you care to know more, Field Gulls interviewed the director.

In the TMI department, Russell Wilson told a San Diego church that he and Ciara are abstaining from sex. And he joked that he needs everyone to pray for them.

In that same interview, Wilson said God challenged him to respond immediately after he threw the interception in the Super Bowl. A lot of people criticized him for claiming that God spoke to him, but take it with a grain of salt: People feel their faith in different ways. Some people used to rip Steve Largent for his strong faith in God as well. Leave ’em alone.

Meanwhile, Richard Sherman took a lot of flak for inviting woman-beating boxer Floyd Mayweather to his charity softball game. (Maybe Sherman doesn’t realize Mayweather is nearly as much of a scumbag as convicted rapist Mike Tyson.)

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