CHAWK LINES -- Training camp new

Marshawn Lynch won’t have to pay his $75,000 fine for not talking after the NFC title game — provided he talks to the media going forward. So, be prepared for more variations of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Recovery Watergate is still overflowing with overreaction, with some people taking Russell Wilson’s comments far too seriously. Have a Recovery Glass of Wine and chill out, folks.

K.J. Wright said he felt like he gave up too many touchdowns last year — he is right — and he explained how he is going to fix it.

Tharold Simon thinks he’s going to compete for a starting gig. He also admits he was not prepared in the Super Bowl. Tell us something we don’t know, Simon. And, yeah, good luck with that starting job.

Will Blackmon said he’s looking forward to playing nickel corner.

“Tuba” Rubin is in heaven in Seattle. Expect this guy to make some impact plays this year.

Pete Carroll thinks injured Tarvaris Jackson and Chris Matthews can make it back next week.

Forget “Hard Knocks.” In Seattle, it’s “Hard Hawks” — high drama amid Super seasons.

Is this the last we will see of Kam Chancellor? We all hope not.

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