Honeymoon is over: Wilson can’t please anyone apparently

Wilson HBO clipWant to know the real reason Russell Wilson drinks Recovery Water? To wash away the bad taste from all of the stupid or hateful things crappy people say about him.

For as great as the guy has been for Seattle — a standup person, a charitable man, a highly skilled player, a great leader, a Super Bowl champion — he sure has taken a lot of flak from fans this year. The honeymoon celebrated by an entire city that fell in love with him in 2012 and 2013 apparently is over.

Maybe it’s the goal-line interception in the Super Bowl, or maybe it’s his increased celebrity and association with other stars, or maybe it’s his girlfriend (one of said stars), or maybe it’s his faith in God. Whatever it is, people seem to find a lot about him to pick apart.

He can’t do anything right. When he speaks in his favorite cliches — “the separation is in the preparation,” “no time to sleep,” “why not us?” — people roll their eyes. But when he says something off script and from the heart, people make fun of him for his beliefs.

So what if he thinks God has a plan for him and is telling him how to conduct his relationship with his girlfriend and has challenged him to respond to the Super Bowl debacle? So what if he talks up products he believes in?

It doesn’t mean you have to believe in God, too, or like products he endorses.

To his credit, Wilson “ignores the noise” and carries on as he sees fit, going to Children’s Hospital, running his RW passing camps, repping Alaska Airlines, trying to become a better quarterback.

Asked about his increased exposure, he said, “I’m never worried about that. I just take one day at a time, try to be organized, try to be really zoned in. You’ve got to have your priorities straight. You make the main thing the main thing. First of all, it’s my faith, and then my family, and then football. And all the rest comes with it, which is great, that’s not a bad thing. I don’t look at it as a bad thing. I’ve always been better busy. I like more on my plate. It keeps you zoned in, keeps you focused, keeps you organized. I don’t look at it as a bad thing at all.”

Here’s some advice for Seahawks fans: Feel free to disagree with Wilson’s views, but don’t ever take him for granted. He’s as good a leader for a football team as you could hope to have.

As long as he continues to play at a high level — and improve — there is no reason to rip him for things that don’t matter to the success of the football team.

3 thoughts on “Honeymoon is over: Wilson can’t please anyone apparently”

  1. That was well said. To the public, please stop trying to pick everything apart this man does or says. Stop trying to find something wrong with him. There’s nothing wrong with Russell Wilson. He’s a great man with morals and values. He definitely has his priorities in the right order. This man will continue to prosper because of his faith in God, his respect and appreciation for others as well as himself.


    1. Great read! Russell Wilson is outstanding! His faith is unparalleled and because of that he will always rise to the top! He’s a great football and role model! With the black cloud that has been over the NFL as well as certain players the past couple of years it’s refreshing to see someone like Russell take the field!! 3’s up!!


  2. You propose four reasons 12’s might be cranky at Wikson. I’ll suggest none of those are why the feelings of many 12’s have changed toward Wilson. I believe the reason many “lost their love” for Wilson is because he held us hostage over his contract. He talked “team”, “hometown love”, “not about the money”, and then he waited until the very last moment to take, essentially, the deal that was offered months ago. Many fans feel betrayed by him, and, because of that, what used to be just cute parts of “our guy” are now irritating–God talking constantly to him, healing concussions by hyped water, saying nothing of any substance in interviews. I believe Wilson who last year had a “positives” rating just below Jesus himself, traded a lot of that for a couple million dollars and months of game playing. He lost far more of that in endorsement value. The next “positives” rating will show how far he has fallen in public perception, and I believe it can all be traced to his contract negotiation tactics. Makes me truly sad.


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