Another fourth-round flunkout for Schneider

Norwood Aug. 18John Schneider has been hailed for his ability to find mid-round diamonds in the rough, but his track record in the fourth round certainly hasn’t been responsible for that reputation.

The trade of Kevin Norwood is the latest example. And, if rookie Terry Poole is let go this week as well, Schneider’s Round 4 record will take yet another hit.

Obviously, the fourth round is a bit of a crap shoot, but teams should hit on at least half of those picks. Since Schneider took over the Seahawks in 2010, the league average on successful fourth-rounders has been between 55 and 60 percent (not counting this year, of course).

But the fourth round has been Schneider’s worst — based on typical expectations. In his six drafts, Schneider has selected a league-high 12 players in the fourth. Of the 10 drafted before this year, just four remain — and only two have really done much to help the Hawks.

Fourth and short

Only K.J. Wright has turned into a starter, which isn’t unusual — one fourth-round starter per team is about par for the league since 2010. Robert Turbin has been a valuable contributor to the Super Bowl teams as well.

Walter Thurmond was a decent player when healthy and not suspended, but he played in just 34 games over four years.

Of course, he lasted longer than Norwood, E.J. Wilson, Kris Durham, Jaye Howard and Chris Harper — none of whom played more than a year in Seattle, if at all.

Schneider might have turned the fourth-round corner in the last two drafts. The Hawks have high hopes for second-year defenders Cassius Marsh and Kevin Pierre-Louis this year, and rookie Mark Glowinski seems likely to make it even if Poole, drafted four spots higher, does not.

To Schneider’s credit, Norwood is probably the best fourth-rounder he has let go — a result of the Hawks’ improved talent at receiver — and he managed to get something, even if it’s a conditional seventh-rounder in 2017, for a guy he was going to cut anyway.

But the fact is Norwood is the latest example that Schneider’s fourth rounds have been below average.

One thought on “Another fourth-round flunkout for Schneider”

  1. But you can’t take a particular round for Schneider. Every pick is a maybe. He sees something in each player and each is a risk. It has to be examined with the total picture in mind, esp. from Rds 4-7. We can critique his 1st-3rd Rd picks differently. You should hit on those.


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