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Reports: Seahawks, Panthers are favorites for Watson

John Schneider certainly has a plan for replacing Russell Wilson. It sounds like it might start with Deshaun Watson.

The Seahawks reportedly are among at least half a dozen teams who have been doing their research on Watson’s legal situation, which involves accusations by 22 women that he sexually harassed or assaulted them during massage sessions.

A Texas grand jury declined to indict Watson on nine criminal charges related to some of those civil cases, and Watson is now expected to be traded in the next week.

Two reports indicate the Seahawks — to the disappointment of many fans — are a strong favorite in the pursuit of the talented but troubled quarterback.

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Was the trade a good deal? And how quickly can the Hawks ‘reset’?

Many Seahawks fans are understandably upset over the trade of longtime franchise QB Russell Wilson, not realizing that it is the best thing for the franchise (and for Wilson).

Some fans are so busy sobbing into their beers that they even think the Seahawks are counting on Drew Lock to be the new starter. Some think they got a bad deal from Denver (Lock’s presence might have some bearing on that). And almost everyone thinks the Hawks are now rebuilding.

Let’s take a look at each of those concerns and see where the Seahawks go from here:

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Hawks denied Bears, but that does not end trade possibility

Seahawks fans who favor Russell Wilson rejoiced today when Chicago signed Andy Dalton and word emerged that Pete Carroll and John Schneider had declined an “adamant and aggressive” offer from the Bears. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Wilson won’t be traded.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Carroll and company decided they didn’t want to rebuild – i.e., they had no guarantee of a playoff quarterback to replace Wilson. But Adam Schefter of ESPN said it is possible the Seahawks change their minds later – “next month, next year, whatever it may be.”

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Bears could bring Watson to Seattle

John Schneider has a clear path to getting Deshaun Watson to Seattle – if only he has the will and the wile to take it.

Last week, Bears GM Ryan Pace said he had a plan for finding a new quarterback: “Everything is on the table in regard to the quarterback situation. That includes free agency, trade, the draft and a combination of all those. We have a plan in place.”

It’s no surprise that plan reportedly starts with Russell Wilson, whose agent publicly invited the Bears (and the Raiders, Saints and Cowboys) to pursue the quarterback. Wilson reportedly likes the idea of playing for an offensive coach like Chicago’s Matt Nagy (an Andy Reid disciple), and the egomaniacal QB apparently loves the thought of being a savior in the Windy City.

Perfect. Schneider needs to use Chicago as his conduit for getting a Wilson-Watson swap.

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Is Wilson’s time up? trade still unlikely, but not impossible

The end is nigh.

That became very clear after The Athletic detailed Russell Wilson’s losing power struggle with Pete Carroll and word emerged that Wilson has passive-aggressively asked for a trade.

And you know what? It’s OK.

All things come to an end, and the Carroll/Wilson era is nearly at its terminus. It has been a good run – the best in the NFC over the past decade – but not nearly as good as it could/should have been. And that’s why it’s about time to finish cleaning the slate from the Super Bowl team.

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A great sign: Hawks win historic shootout

Logo -- HoustonThe Seahawks don’t often win shootouts — because their defense rarely lets them get into those situations.

So, it was a great sign Sunday that Russell Wilson put the team on his back and won a historic duel with stellar Houston rookie Deshaun Watson.

The Hawks have a long way to go still, but this 41-38 win felt a lot like a 39-30 victory over Pittsburgh in 2015. That was the second game in a 6-1 finish to the 2015 season during which the Hawks averaged 32 points.

The Hawks are 5-2, tied with the surprising Rams atop the NFC West, with a direct win already. Seattle should win at least three of the next four (Washington, at Arizona, Atlanta, at San Francisco) before a tough four-game stretch (Philadelphia, at Jacksonville, L.A., at Dallas). Add the finale vs. Arizona, and the Hawks look poised for 10-11 wins — more if they can find a running game.

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CHAWK LINES -- Texans at Hawks

The Seahawks continue to call about left tackles and reportedly are willing to deal Jimmy Graham — although Pete Carroll emphatically refuted that report and John Schneider also shot it down.

The Texans are in turmoil, and the Seahawks had a few things to say about it. The Texans have a demonstration planned.

The Seahawks are thankful to have Paul Allen as their owner.

Justin Britt will be a game-time decision, but signs point to him playing.

Rookie QBs are 2-10 in Seattle, meaning Deshaun Watson will have a tough time.

Will Watson play into the Seattle pass rush’s hands?

Five things to watch in #HOUvsSEA, from John Clayton. And three keys, via Seahawks.com.

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‘Quarterbacks are going to drive this draft’

NFL draftThe problem with drafting in the bottom 10 picks of the first round is you are basically adding a second-round player for first-round money.

That’s largely why John Schneider has traded his first pick in each of the past five drafts — and is very likely to do it again, if the chance arises.

Twice in the last three years, Schneider has leveraged other teams’ desires for quarterbacks to net Seattle extra picks.

In 2014, with the Hawks picking last on the heels of their Super Bowl win, he let Minnesota come up from No. 40 to draft Teddy Bridgewater. He moved down another five spots in the second round and ended up with Paul Richardson, Cassius Marsh, Kevin Norwood and Kiero Small.

In 2016, Schneider got an even better deal, dangling Paxton Lynch to Denver, which paid a third-round pick to move from 31 to 26. The Seahawks used the 31st pick on Germain Ifedi and the third on Nick Vannett.

It looks like that same strategy could be in play again this year.

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