Contract status


Pos. Player 2018 2019 2020 2021
QB Wilson $23.8m $25.3m UFA
Davis $880k UFA
McGough $504k $594k $684k $774k
RB  Penny $1.96m $2.45m $2.95m $3.44m
Carson $571k $661k $751k UFA
Davis $1.35m UFA
Prosise $803k $893k UFA
McKissic $630k RFA
WR Baldwin $11.9m $13.1m $14.1m UFA
Lockett  $1.02m UFA
  J. Brown $1.78m $3.72m
  Darboh $642k $732k $822k UFA
  McEvoy $630k RFA
TE Dickson $1.87m $4.57m $4.57m UFA
Vannett $794k $884k UFA
Swoopes $480k ERFA
Dissly $643k $733k $823k $913k
OL Brown $9.75m UFA
Ifedi $2.25m $2.63m Option
  Britt $6.17m $7.92m $11.67m UFA
  Fluker $1.5m UFA
  Pocic $1m $1.2m $1.4m UFA
Fant $630k RFA
Odhiambo $791k $896k UFA
Roos $555k $645k RFA
Hunt $630k  RFA
Jones $541k  $631 $721k $811k
DL  Clark $1.19m UFA
Reed $1.33m $1.55m UFA
  Jones $732k $822k $912k UFA
Jordan $1.91m UFA
Johnson $2.1m UFA
Stephen $2.1m UFA
Smith $1.425m UFA
Green $709k $799k $889k $979k
Jackson $630k  RFA
Jefferson $630k  RFA
Martin $521k $611k $701k $791k
Avril $8m UFA
McDowell $1.58m $1.9m $2.2m RFA
LB Wright $8.2m UFA
  Wagner $13.6m $14.1m UFA
  Mingo $2.4m  $4.4m  UFA
Griffin $560k $650k $740k $830k
Alexander $714k UFA
S Chancellor $9.8m $13m $14.5m UFA
  Thomas $10.4m UFA
McDougald $3.33m $4.73m $5.43m UFA
Hill $737k $827k $917k UFA
Thompson $723k $813k $903k UFA
Alexander $720k UFA
CB  Griffin $745k $835k $925k UFA
Maxwell TBA UFA
Coleman $2.91m  UFA
Thorpe $2.15m UFA
Elliott $630k RFA
Johnson $1.3m  UFA
Flowers $555k $645k $735k $825k
K Janikowski $2m  UFA
Myers $705k  UFA
P Dickson $553k $643k $733k $823k
Ryan $3.2m $3.6m UFA

UFA: Unrestricted free agent
RFA: Restricted free agent (team can retain with tender offer)
ERFA: Exclusive-rights free agent (team owns rights)


2 thoughts on “Contract status”

  1. Doesn’t McDowell still have 4 years left under contract? I thought that because the accident was his fault last year doesn’t count as the first year of his rookie deal.


    1. He did not accrue a season toward free agency, so he will be an RFA in 2021, if he plays this year. His contract would not toll until the final year, but the Hawks won’t keep him around that long if he can’t play


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