Contract status


Pos. Player 2017 2018 2019 2020
QB Wilson $18.8m $21.7m $23.2m UFA
RB  Lacy $3.56m UFA
Rawls $620k RFA
  Prosise $713k $803k $893k UFA
Carson $481k $571k $661k $751k
WR Baldwin $9.65m $10.15m $11.4m $12.4m
  Lockett $892k  $1.02m UFA
  Richardson $1.5m UFA
  Darboh $642k $732k $822k $912k
  McEvoy $540k $630k RFA
TE Graham  $10m UFA
Vannett $704k $794k $884k UFA
Willson $3m UFA
OL Ifedi $1.88m $2.25m $2.63m Option
  Britt $2.35m $6.17m $7.92m $11.67m
  Joeckel $8m UFA
  Pocic $801k $1m $1.2m $1.4m
Glowinski $701k $709k UFA
Fant $540k $630k RFA
Odhiambo $701k $791k $896k UFA
Aboushi $975k UFA
Tobin $850k UFA
Roos $465k $555k $645k RFA
DL Bennett $10.76m $7.24m $8.74m $10.24m
  Avril $5.5m $8m UFA
  Richardson $8.1m UFA
  Clark $1.02m $1.19m UFA
Reed $1.11m $1.33m $1.55m UFA
  McDowell $1.26m $1.58m $1.9m $2.2m
  Jones $642k $732k $822k $912k
LB Wright $6.8m $8.2m UFA
  Wagner $7.6m $13.6m $14.1m UFA
  Wilhoite $1.55m UFA
  Garvin $695k UFA
DB Chancellor $6.74m $9.8m $13m $14.5m
  Thomas $10.4m $10.4m UFA
  Sherman $13.63m $13.2m UFA
  Lane  $5.25m  $7.25m  $7.25m UFA
  Shead $1.5m UFA
  Thorpe $1.33m $2.15m UFA
  Elliott $540k $630k RFA UFA
McDougald $1.8m UFA
Griffin $655k $745k $835k $925k
Hill $647k $737k $827k $917k
Thompson $633k $723k $813k $903k
K Walsh $1.1m UFA
P Ryan $1.6m $3.2m $3.6m UFA

UFA: Unrestricted free agent
RFA: Restricted free agent (team can retain with tender offer)
ERFA: Exclusive-rights free agent (team owns rights)


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