Russell Wilson returns

Russell Wilson’s first game with the Broncos will be against his old Seahawks. Here’s a good in-depth look from Brady Henderson of at why Wilson is no longer a Seahawk.

A big question is: How will Seattle fans greet Wilson? Cheers or boos? We expect a mix of both before the game and a very loud crowd when Wilson has the ball during the game.  Pete Carroll seems all in favor the latter. Wilson said, “I know they’ll be rowdy. I know they will be excited. I know that. It’s ‘Monday Night Football,’ so it’ll be a special environment.”

Tyler Lockett plans to greet his former teammate with a warm hug and wish him the best. “I think that Seattle should cheer him on for everything that he’s done.”

Wilson’s approach to this game: “To play a great game, you can have passion, you can have some emotion and all of that, but you can’t be emotional.”

John Schneider became interested in replacing Wilson as early as 2017, when Schneider loved Patrick Mahomes and apparently would have drafted him in the first round if possible.

The Seahawks tried to trade Wilson to Cleveland in 2018, when they were interested in drafting Josh Allen.

The Hawks then explored trading Wilson to Arizona for the top pick in 2019, which was used on Kyler Murray.

Geno Smith is starting a season for the first time in eight years, the longest gap for a QB between season-opening starts since 1971, and he knows the spotlight will be on both Wilson and him.

The Broncos are committed to Wilson. They gave him a five-year, $245 million extension 11 days before the season opener.


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