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CHAWK LINES -- Cardinals at Seahawks

Paul Richardson is expected to make his season debut Sunday vs. Arizona.

Jeremy Lane is “one day at a time,” but Russell Okung is expected to play vs. Arizona after missing the Dallas game.

Ricardo Lockette returned to Seattle. Okung and Marshawn Lynch had stayed in Dallas with him last week.

Michael Bennett talks his usual goofy gibberish about his fine for hitting Matt Cassel and other things.

Nice feature from ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia on Cliff Avril, who lost his dad earlier this year and has been playing as well as ever this season.

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CHAWK LINES -- Bye weekWhat do the Seahawks think of their situation entering their midseason bye?

The offensive line played pretty well in Dallas, but Pete Carroll is correct when he says, “It’s just one game. It doesn’t mean you’ve made it over the hump.”

Field Gulls broke down the way the Seahawks used the middle of the field.

The Seahawks have been using Jimmy Graham more and more.

As expected, the Hawks made no trades. They really had no room to do so unless they wanted to swap big-salaried players or make a minor deal that probably would not help.

The Seahawks were emotionally rattled by Ricardo Lockette’s neck injury and incorrectly called the hit by Jeff Heath a “dirty play.” (Lockette clearly ran right into him.)

Lockette had neck surgery is expected to spend the week in Dallas.

Jeremy Lane is expected to start practicing next week but not return until perhaps Week 11. Will he reclaim his nickel back spot?

Don’t expect any major deals from Seahawks

Russell Okung talks with GM John Schneider during minicamp in June (AP)Don’t get too excited about the reports that the Seahawks are working the trade phones ahead of the deadline Tuesday: Any deal they might make almost surely would be minor.

It’s no surprise John Schneider is on the hunt for offensive line help, but the Seahawks are not in financial position to bring on a big-money player such as Cleveland’s Alex Mack or Joe Thomas.

The report that Schneider is willing to trade a receiver such as Chris Matthews is evidence that any deal Seattle makes would be minor. The Hawks are not going to get much for Matthews or Ricardo Lockette, and they surely aren’t going to deal Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett or Paul Richardson.

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CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks at 49ers

Bobby Wagner will return and Fred Jackson talked to the team about his car crash.

Anquan Boldin and Carlos Hyde were listed as questionable for the 49ers.

Bucky Brooks explains what we have said since last season: The Seahawks are vulnerable to short passing games.

Unlike previous seasons, Seahawks-49ers is less must-see TV than it is must-win TV.

Key matchups for the Seahawks vs. the 49ers tonight, via Seahawks.com.

Five things to watch for, from NFL.com.

The Seahawks are 13-2 in prime time under Pete Carroll.

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CHAWK LINES -- Week in review

The latest in Russell Wilson talks: The Hawks reportedly have offered a deal worth $21 million per year but paying less than $20 million in 2015.

Field Gulls said the Hawks offered $54 million guaranteed last month. Former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, who once was John Schneider’s boss, apparently has heard the Hawks’ offer, too, and thinks it is “very fair” and Wilson should take it. Easy for him to say, of course.

The gossip queens went wild over Mike Sando’s QB survey, which placed Wilson eighth or something. We couldn’t care less. (And no, it has no impact on his contract situation.)

Meanwhile, Wilson is working on his boxing in San Diego ahead of training camp starting Friday.

Word also came that the Seahawks are closing in on a deal with Bobby Wagner.

Ricardo Lockette wrote that he refuses to watch a replay of the ill-fated pass at the end of the Super Bowl. But he said Wilson told him, “We’re going to get back there; and, if we’re in that same position again, I’m going to throw you the ball again. We’re going to get it done. I trust you.”

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Last look at the final play & the reactions to it

Super Bowl Carroll dumbfounded as Lynch walks past
Pete Carroll stands dumbfounded as Marshawn Lynch walks by after the interception.
Lynch with the wry smile
What was Lynch thinking as he walked to the sideline? Perhaps: “My price to stay just went up, boss.”

It has been three days, and the
Seahawks’ final
offensive play of the Super Bowl continues to reverberate throughout the football world —
certainly nowhere more than in

In that time, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson have defended the play and the man who called it, Darrell Bevell. Patriots coach Bill Belichick has spoken out against the critics, lavishing praise on Carroll and his Seahawks.

EA Sports even created an alternate ending in which the Seahawks run the play nearly all of us think they should have run — with Marshawn Lynch scoring the winning touchdown.

And “NFL Insiders” showed the last play from the sidelines, listening in on the coaches and players and catching a shot of Lynch walking off the field after the interception with a wry smile on his face.

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XL and XLIX losses share much in common

Lockette tripped
The non-call on Malcolm Butler’s trip of Ricardo Lockette in the fourth quarter cost the Seahawks at least 20 yards. (Click to enlarge)

The Seahawks are 1-2 in Super Bowls now, and both losses were steeped in controversy afterward — XL because of a handful of questionable officials’ calls, XLIX because of one questionable coaches’ call.

But they shared a lot more than that in common.

According to ESPN stats, those two teams were the only ones in the 49-year history of the Super Bowl to come out ahead in turnovers and yards and come out behind on the scoreboard — a stunning stat that tells you the Seahawks certainly were not worse than the teams they lost to in those Super Bowls.

Mike Holmgren’s Seahawks outgained Bill Cowher’s Pittsburgh Steelers 396 yards to 339 and won the turnover battle 2-1. Pete Carroll’s Seahawks outgained Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots 396 to 377 and won the turnover battle 2-1.

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Seahawks never did find an offensive identity

Malcolm Butler secures a game-sealing interception on a pass intended for Ricardo Lockette in the Super BowlThe Seahawks struggled to find an offensive identity all season. Obviously that had not changed by the last play of the Super Bowl.

For a bunch that continually says they are a power running team and Marshawn Lynch is their bell cow, the Hawks have a funny way of showing it sometimes. Sunday was one of those times.

Why in the world would the Seahawks consider giving Lynch a big contract extension if they refuse to use him in the most important moment of the season?

The inexplicable decision to eschew Lynch in favor of a pass from the 1-yard line, trailing 28-24 with 26 seconds left, was the most head-scratching move in a season that already had caused most fans to claw their noggins raw.

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Seahawks have to get better at receiver

Jermaine Kearse is tackled by Brandon Browner in the Super Bowl (Seahawks.com)As much as receivers Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse complain about not getting any respect and being labeled “pedestrian,” the last two games of the season showed the criticisms have a lot of merit.

And when the Seahawks went to Ricardo Lockette — really?! — for the winning touchdown in the final seconds of the Super Bowl, it was a clear indicator that the Seahawks have to upgrade the receiver position in the offseason.

After playing horribly in the NFC title game against Green Bay — shut down for most of the game until they both came up big in overtime — Baldwin and Kearse were almost completely clamped by the Patriots’ secondary in the Super Bowl.

Until yet another undrafted player, Chris Matthews, came up big and sparked the Seattle offense, Russell Wilson had nowhere to go in the first half as Baldwin and Kearse were blanketed by Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.

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CHAWK LINES -- Merry Christmas!

Bobby Wagner’s surprise Christmas present: a Pro Bowl nod.

Russell Wilson was NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher on Wilson: “The best way to describe it is that he’s an extra player on offense. They’re playing with 12, and that’s very hard to defend.’’ So, Wilson is a 12th man, too.

Marshawn Lynch was fined $11,050 for grabbing his crotch during his backward dive into the end zone on his 79-yard run vs. Arizona.

Curious about what Lynch and Ricardo Lockette were saying into the microphone boom during the game in Arizona?

The Seahawks needed Jordan Hill to replace Clinton McDonald as the inside rusher, and he finally has, with five sacks in the past five games.