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Second half starts and ends with Arizona

Seahawks-Cardinals logos Way back in April, we said a 4-4 start would be the worst case for the defending NFC champions. Well, unfortunately, here the Seahawks are.

Pete Carroll understatedly called their record “nothing to be shouting about.” Hell, it’s barely anything to whisper about.

“But,” he pointed out, in his oddball way of speaking, “it did put us in a position where we have a second half to really go forward. We have all of the matchups in the games that we need to play in the division to settle issues and go for it and take it as far as we can.”

He has to hope that is farther than the last time the Hawks started 4-4. In 2012, they rallied to finish 11-5 and had to hit the road for the playoffs, where they beat Washington and lost agonizingly in Atlanta (kinda like they have lost some of their games this season).

It’s just how Carroll’s slow-starting team typically does it. Since Russell Wilson became quarterback, the Seahawks have gotten better as the season has progressed. They are 20-12 (.625) in the first half and 20-4 (.833) in the second.

Last year, they rallied from 3-3 to finish 12-4, and Carroll thinks they are in a similar spot this year.

“I don’t think it feels much different than it did last year,” he said. “I think it’s very similar. It’s unfortunate that it takes us a while, but I think this is an opportunity to observe what it’s like to be where we’ve been and to come back.

“If we’re able to put the second half together like we plan on, then we’ll be really proud of that.”

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CHAWK LINES -- Bye weekWhat do the Seahawks think of their situation entering their midseason bye?

The offensive line played pretty well in Dallas, but Pete Carroll is correct when he says, “It’s just one game. It doesn’t mean you’ve made it over the hump.”

Field Gulls broke down the way the Seahawks used the middle of the field.

The Seahawks have been using Jimmy Graham more and more.

As expected, the Hawks made no trades. They really had no room to do so unless they wanted to swap big-salaried players or make a minor deal that probably would not help.

The Seahawks were emotionally rattled by Ricardo Lockette’s neck injury and incorrectly called the hit by Jeff Heath a “dirty play.” (Lockette clearly ran right into him.)

Lockette had neck surgery is expected to spend the week in Dallas.

Jeremy Lane is expected to start practicing next week but not return until perhaps Week 11. Will he reclaim his nickel back spot?