Don’t expect any major deals from Seahawks

Russell Okung talks with GM John Schneider during minicamp in June (AP)Don’t get too excited about the reports that the Seahawks are working the trade phones ahead of the deadline Tuesday: Any deal they might make almost surely would be minor.

It’s no surprise John Schneider is on the hunt for offensive line help, but the Seahawks are not in financial position to bring on a big-money player such as Cleveland’s Alex Mack or Joe Thomas.

The report that Schneider is willing to trade a receiver such as Chris Matthews is evidence that any deal Seattle makes would be minor. The Hawks are not going to get much for Matthews or Ricardo Lockette, and they surely aren’t going to deal Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett or Paul Richardson.

Schneider's in-season dealsThe one guy they might consider moving would be Jermaine Kearse, but even that kind of deal wouldn’t clear enough salary cap space for someone like Mack or Thomas, who both would require about $4 million for the remainder of 2015. The Seahawks have less than $1 million in cap space, and dealing Kearse would add only about $1 million.

To get one of the Browns’ linemen, the Seahawks would have to move a couple of players or rework contracts. Thomas is due $4.4 million over the final eight games, and Mack is due $4 million. Then the Seahawks would have to be willing to pay the guy in 2016: Thomas is due $8.3 million, Mack $8 million. Mack will be a free agent after next year, while Thomas is signed through 2018.

The Seahawks could sign Mack to an extension that lowers his cap number this year, or they could deal Russell Okung and Bruce Irvin for Mack or Thomas and get a draft pick in return. But it wouldn’t be a big pick because both Okung and Irvin will be UFAs next offseason. And even with those moves, the Seahawks would have to create cap space — Okung and Irvin would add up to about $3.2 million for 2015.

The 49ers reportedly are shopping Joe Staley, who would count just $2.25 million the rest of this season. In-division trades are rare (the Seahawks traded Darrell Jackson to the Niners), but these teams flip players back and forth via waivers all the time.

Barring a lesser deal such as the one suggested by Joel Corry, it’s tough to see the Seahawks adding any lineman of consequence in the next two days.

Schneider always does his diligence on possible deals. Last year at this time, he reportedly was working the phones about a tight end, pass rusher and Vincent Jackson.

Schneider has made four in-season deals in his previous five years as Seattle’s GM, but he has made only one big move to add a player: acquiring Marshawn Lynch in October 2010.

Don’t expect any major deal this year either.

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