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Seahawks getting ready for another big run

CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks at 49ersAfter dominating the 49ers again, the Seahawks are set to make another great run toward the playoffs.

Bob Condotta points out that the Seahawks picked a good year to start slowly.

Marshawn Lynch means more than just numbers to the Seahawks. Beast Mode inspires the entire team.

Kris Richard’s critics were quieted by Seattle’s dominant defensive performance vs. the 49ers.

Kam Chancellor was fined for a hit on Carolina center Ryan Kalil — and he did not appreciate it.

Field Gulls with a bunch more links about the game and other things NFL.

CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks at 49ers

The day after the 20-3 win over the 49ers, Pete Carroll told 710 ESPN the Seahawks didn’t do anything they weren’t supposed to do. He also talked about Russell Wilson’s interceptions, among other things.

The Legion of Boom talked about yet another dominating defensive performance vs. the 49ers.

Marshawn Lynch had his best game, despite hurling on the sideline. “We’re going to go as far as he takes us,” Doug Baldwin said.

Michael Bennett had a career-best 3.5 sacks — though he made a good point he should have gotten partial credit for a fourth.

Will Tukuafu played a lot, as fullback and defensive lineman, and six defenders played every snap.

The Seahawks still have plenty to prove, Dave Boling correctly says.

The great rivalry between the Hawks and Niners is dead, as the teams head in different directions, Danny Kelly writes.

CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks at 49ers

Bobby Wagner will return and Fred Jackson talked to the team about his car crash.

Anquan Boldin and Carlos Hyde were listed as questionable for the 49ers.

Bucky Brooks explains what we have said since last season: The Seahawks are vulnerable to short passing games.

Unlike previous seasons, Seahawks-49ers is less must-see TV than it is must-win TV.

Key matchups for the Seahawks vs. the 49ers tonight, via

Five things to watch for, from

The Seahawks are 13-2 in prime time under Pete Carroll.

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Can Carroll recapture his ‘distracted’ team?

Rams Carroll Sept. 13As the Seattle Seahawks seemingly sleepwalk through this season, with little sign of their previous hunger to win and killer instinct, it is fair to wonder whether the players have tuned out Pete Carroll and whether he can regain their ear before the season really does spin out of control.

Back-to-back Super Bowls, contract concerns and Carroll’s game-losing call in the last title game all could be culprits in the Seahawks’ late meltdowns that have resulted in a 2-4 record.

Carroll surely lost some players with his ill-fated decision to throw the ball rather than run it with Super Bowl XLIX on the line, and it is clear he has not gained back the confidence of all of them.

On top of that, he has a new defensive coordinator and the Legion of Boom has not been itself.

Kris Richard, the DC, took the blame for the communication breakdown that resulted in Carolina tight end Greg Olsen being wide open to win the game Sunday.

“I stand up and I absolutely accept full responsibility for what happened at the end,” Richard said. “It will not continue. We must get better and we are examining each and every single possible thing we can do to fix it, again, starting with me.”

On the field, though, it starts with the Legion. And, as Earl Thomas said, “We’re not being ourselves. I think we’re distracted.”

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