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expect more thrillers like that win over Pats

If the first two games are any indication, the Seahawks are going to play in a lot of shootouts this season – and probably win most of them.

Russell Wilson is off to his best start ever — with nine TD passes and one interception (thanks, Greg Olsen). Meanwhile, the defense, even with superstar Jamal Adams, is struggling every bit as much as it did in 2019, when almost every week (12 of 16 anyway) involved a thriller.

This 35-30 win over the Patriots was more of that brand – and the same kind of show Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick’s teams always put on when they meet.

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CHAWK LINES -- Panthers at Seahawks

The Seahawks are getting back a bunch of injured starters.

The Panthers, meanwhile, still have all kinds of injury issues.

Ron Rivera called the offensive line “a catastrophe.”

The Seahawks are going with Bradley Sowell at right tackle.

Here’s a full preview of #CARvsSEA.

Richard Sherman called this season “karma” for Cam Newton.

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Pre-draft look at 2016 opponents

2016 opponentsIn the NFL, April is draft month. But it also has become schedule month.

Word is the NFL will release the schedule April 19-21, a week before the April 28-30 draft.

We already know their opponents, of course. Based on 2015 results, the Seahawks have the fifth-toughest schedule next season. There’s nothing new about that, though: Their 2015 schedule ranked fourth and their 2014 slate was sixth.

But those preseason rankings don’t reflect changes teams have made since the last season ended.

As we transition from free agency month into draft month, let’s see how Seattle’s opponents have changed since last season.

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Chawk lines 75 pct

Rob Staton posits a seven-round mock draft for the Seahawks, which nets a couple of linemen and a pass rusher.

Bob Condotta takes a look at the Seahawks’ linebacker situation entering the offseason.

Hawk Blogger presents five alternative free-agent D-tackles as Brandon Mebane and Ahtyba Rubin prepare to hit the market.

Derrick Coleman apparently was smoking synthetic weed when he had his car accident in October.

Kam Chancellor is out of the Pro Bowl — appropriate considering he didn’t merit it anyway.

Condotta explains why the Seahawks surely wouldn’t ask a retiring Marshawn Lynch to return bonus money.

Dave Boling points out that Carolina has used Seattle’s blueprint to get to the Super Bowl — a good sign for the Seahawks heading forward.

News flash: Seahawks fans hate Cam Newton.

How have Hawks changed since Week 6?

Panthers Olsen Week 6With Arizona’s exciting overtime win over a resilient Green Bay team, the Seahawks know where they will be going if they can knock out Carolina for the second straight year.

So, the big question: Can the Seahawks exact some revenge on the Panthers for the last-minute, 27-23 win in Week 6?

That loss — a second straight fourth-quarter collapse — sent the Seahawks to 2-4, where their historic odds of making the playoffs were 8.3 percent. But, since then, they have won nine of 11 — including the “football gods are smiling on you” wild-card win in Minnesota.

What has changed since that Week 6 loss to Carolina?

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CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks-Panthers

Marshawn Lynch: “I’m ready.”

Luke Willson also looks like he will return.

Russell Wilson and presumed MVP Cam Newton (he has Wilson’s nonexistent vote) have been en fuego.

The teams have more in common than just dynamic quarterbacks.

Kam Chancellor had perhaps the best game of his career vs. Carolina in last season’s divisional playoff game. Can he repeat it?

Pete Carroll said he doesn’t care if tight ends catch balls against his defense — someone is going to — but Greg Olsen beat them in Week 6 and will be a big factor again.

The Panthers are thin at cornerback, which could play into the hands of Wilson and Doug Baldwin.

Here’s a comprehensive preview of the game.

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Secret to Wilson’s Zone? Gotta be the shoes

The Zone.

It’s that elusive feeling that athletes or any competitive people strive for — that je ne sais quoi that makes them invincible for a stretch, allows them to be almost superhuman, enables them to make it look so easy.

Russell Wilson is in the Zone.

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Quick thoughts on Wilson’s contract

Wilson signing contract(Update No. 2: We had it the first time)

Some thoughts on Russell Wilson’s reported four-year, $87.6 million extension:

**The $21.9 million average puts Wilson right behind Aaron Rodgers ($22 million) for No. 2 in average annual salary among NFL QBs.

**The $31 million signing bonus matches the bonus Pittsburgh gave Ben Roethlisberger and the guaranteed money Carolina gave Cam Newton this offseason. Agent Mark Rodgers said they split it up for tax purposes, but it is all guaranteed.

**The $61.5 million in total guarantees is the most Seattle has paid to a player. Richard Sherman received $40 million in rolling guarantees. It also trumps Newton’s $60 million in total guarantees.

Wilson's deal**Although Wagner tweeted out an ominous statement — “Can’t keep everyone” — the Seahawks still could afford Wagner if he’s amenable to something like a four-year, $38 million deal with a $10 million signing bonus. Pete Carroll said, “We’re on it. Anything you’ve heard otherwise is wrong. I hope he’s with us for a long time.” Wagner said the deadline for a deal is “now” and said he had considered holding out, a la Chancellor, until a deal was done.

**Now that Wilson is signed, Brandon Mebane might be in danger. The Hawks have around $4 million left under the salary cap; and, if they want to sign Wagner, they might need some breathing room from somewhere to account for practice squad and injury replacements during the season.

**Holdout Kam Chancellor congratulated Wilson on his deal via Twitter, and Carroll made it sound like the Hawks might try to accommodate him, saying: “Kam Chancellor is an amazing Seahawk. We want to make something happen. We want him back immediately.”

Newton’s deal shows Hawks must pay Wilson at least $30M in 2015

Carolina QB Cam Newton congratulates Russell Wilson after the Seahawks won the season opener on Sept. 8, 2013 (Getty Images)Last week, Russell Wilson’s agent said he would meet again soon with Matt Thomas, the Seahawks’ lead contract negotiator, and discuss new ideas and information as they work on a contract extension.

They should now have all of the information they need after Carolina gave Cam Newton a five-year extension reportedly worth $103.8 million, including $31 million guaranteed in 2015 and a record $67.6 million being paid in the next three years ($60 million of it at least partly guaranteed).

If John Schneider thought Ryan Tannehill’s deal cost the Seahawks at the bargaining table, he’ll hate seeing Newton’s numbers. But that’s the way it goes in the big-money world of franchise quarterbacks, and Schneider and Thomas should have been prepared for that.

Agent Mark Rodgers might argue Wilson is worth more than Newton, but the fact is Newton’s financial numbers are where Wilson and the Seahawks are going to have to end up — the middle ground from where both sides would prefer to be.

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How many games can Hawks win with No. 4 toughest schedule?

Golden Tate as a Detroit LionThe Seahawks have the fourth-toughest schedule in the NFL in 2015, based on 2014 results. But it’s not as if a tough schedule is anything new for them. They had the No. 10 slate in 2013 and the No. 6 schedule last year — and we all know they should be 2-0 in the Super Bowl.

But they aren’t, so we are left to look forward to the 2015 season and wonder whether the Hawks can become the first team in the salary-cap era to play in the Super Bowl in three straight seasons.

Here’s an early look at that No. 4 schedule:

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