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2015 was like 2012; will 2016 be as Super as 2013?

Wilson and SchneiderAs it turns out, the Seahawks’ 2015 season was an almost exact replica of the 2012 season — from the uneven start to the disastrous postseason finish.

So, if the cycle continues, the Seahawks will be lifting the Lombardi Trophy again one year from now.

Consider the similar paths of the 2012 and 2015 seasons:

**The Seahawks rallied from a 4-4 start to make the playoffs, evolving a paltry offense into a formidable one, and a defense that was terrible in save situations (i.e., protecting leads in the fourth quarter).

**They rallied to win their wild-card game and then got off to a horrendous start in their 10 a.m. divisional game before Russell Wilson led a big second-half rally that fell just short.

**This failure was followed by an immediate excitement about what the future holds, everyone knowing this team is still talented enough to compete for at least a few more seasons.

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How have Hawks changed since Week 6?

Panthers Olsen Week 6With Arizona’s exciting overtime win over a resilient Green Bay team, the Seahawks know where they will be going if they can knock out Carolina for the second straight year.

So, the big question: Can the Seahawks exact some revenge on the Panthers for the last-minute, 27-23 win in Week 6?

That loss — a second straight fourth-quarter collapse — sent the Seahawks to 2-4, where their historic odds of making the playoffs were 8.3 percent. But, since then, they have won nine of 11 — including the “football gods are smiling on you” wild-card win in Minnesota.

What has changed since that Week 6 loss to Carolina?

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CHAWK LINES -- Seahawks-Panthers

Marshawn Lynch: “I’m ready.”

Luke Willson also looks like he will return.

Russell Wilson and presumed MVP Cam Newton (he has Wilson’s nonexistent vote) have been en fuego.

The teams have more in common than just dynamic quarterbacks.

Kam Chancellor had perhaps the best game of his career vs. Carolina in last season’s divisional playoff game. Can he repeat it?

Pete Carroll said he doesn’t care if tight ends catch balls against his defense — someone is going to — but Greg Olsen beat them in Week 6 and will be a big factor again.

The Panthers are thin at cornerback, which could play into the hands of Wilson and Doug Baldwin.

Here’s a comprehensive preview of the game.

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