Secret to Wilson’s Zone? Gotta be the shoes

The Zone.

It’s that elusive feeling that athletes or any competitive people strive for — that je ne sais quoi that makes them invincible for a stretch, allows them to be almost superhuman, enables them to make it look so easy.

Russell Wilson is in the Zone.

He is playing at the highest level any quarterback has ever played. He has 19 touchdown passes and no interceptions over the past five games and is the first quarterback in NFL history to go five straight games with at least three TD passes and no picks in every one.

He leads the NFL in passer rating (111.4) — a number that would be the 10th best all-time. He is second this year in completion percentage (68.8) behind Washington QB Kirk Cousins (69.7 — yeah, we’re surprised, too) and is second in yards per pass attempt (8.55) behind Arizona’s Carson Palmer (8.82).

Only four other quarterbacks in NFL history have gone at least 111/68/8.5: Aaron Rodgers (2011), Steve Young (1994), Tony Romo (2014) and Joe Montana (1989).

As well as apparent MVP favorite Cam Newton is playing for Carolina, Wilson is playing better. Newton has worse stats in all except TD passes, where he has four more. But Carolina’s perfect season (to this point) probably will get Newton the MVP votes — if Palmer doesn’t get them.

Regardless, what started out as Wilson’s worst season has turned into his best — thanks to a five-game turnaround that has been as stunning as it was unpredictable.

Russell Wilson is in the Zone. He agrees.

“Yeah, for sure,” he said after carving up Cleveland 30-13 on Sunday. “… I always say ‘laser focused.’ You just be laser focused and ignore the noise. No matter how good it’s going, no matter what’s going on bad, you just try to be locked in as much as you can.”

So how did Wilson get in this Zone?

We think it’s the shoes. In each of the past five games, he has worn neon green cleats — something he had done in only one other game this season (vs. Carolina in Week 6).

Check ’em out:

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