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Super Bowl weekend notes: Clark & Wilson ready for 2019

Frank ClarkRight after the Super Bowl, Frank Clark was ready to get started with the Seahawks again: “Let’s get this paperwork (i.e., contract) done so we (can) go on this hunt. I’m tired of the same results.” The Seahawks have been in the playoffs in three of Clark’s four seasons, but it’s nice to see he is aiming higher — and wants to get there with the Seahawks. Now we just have to wait and see how that paperwork turns out.

Speaking of contracts: Talks have not yet begun between John Schneider/Matt Thomas and Russell Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers. But that’s no surprise. Those negotiations are not likely to occur until at least May. Meanwhile, right after the Super Bowl, Wilson tweeted: “2019. Going to be a special year.”

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Wilson in pinstripes? Remember, he’s not really from Seattle

Wilson in pinstripesRussell Wilson’s play date with the Yankees is a big reminder that most pro athletes are just transplants, on paid loan to the sports city in which they play, and have no loyalty to that city beyond the team they play for.

And sometimes not even then (ahem, Earl Thomas).

Seeing Wilson in a Yankees jersey is galling to Seattle fans who cheer both the Seahawks and Mariners. But we all have to remember Wilson is not from Seattle. He is from Wisconsin, by way of North Carolina, by way of Virginia — all a bunch of places that have nothing in common with Seattle. And his dad was a big Yankees fan.

As annoying as it is to Seattle sports fans, this is just the fulfillment of a pre-Seattle dream for Wilson.

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Lynch talks retirement & more on trek with Grylls

lynch-with-gryllsMost Seahawks fans can’t get enough of Marshawn Lynch, even in retirement, and he provided one of the best glimpses into his character yet during his appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” earlier this week.

Lynch was alternately hilarious and philosophical, opening up to Grylls — who obviously knows little of American football and was not out to get anything from Lynch beyond his cooperation — as they bonded on a two-day trek through the Corsican Mountains.

During one rest stop along their journey, Grylls asked Lynch why he retired from the NFL.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 12, 13 years old. It starts to add up. Wear and tear,” Lynch said. “Full body. And mentally. Having to wake yourself up to go and put in all the work that it’s going to take. You know, the physical, the mental. The media starting to wear — all of it. It just all come together.”

Asked the highlight of his career, he said, “Most people don’t get to walk out or get to go out the way that I did, so that’s probably the biggest highlight.

“When it’s time, it’s time.”

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Four weddings … and a Super Bowl?

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Over the weekend, DeShawn Shead became the fourth Seahawk to get married this year. Earl Thomas had a blowout ceremony in April, and Russell Wilson and Jon Ryan married their equally famous women earlier this month.

That’s four rings for the Hawks this year. We’d like to propose they add another next February.



We won’t see Lynch on ‘MNF,’ but he has been on TV a lot recently

Marshawn Lynch won’t be seen on the field tonight, but we sure have been seeing a lot of him on TV recently as he takes advantage of his newfound commercial appeal.

As he misses a game for the first time since 2011 — and just the second time in his five years with the Seahawks — we thought we would recap his latest commercial ventures so you didn’t miss him too much.

First, from August, there was the Skittles infomercial in which “Big Daddy” and Skittles got engaged.

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Bennett, Wilson and Lynch talk contracts and much more

Lynch jumps into Skittles ZoneIt’s vacation time for the NFL, but on Monday the Seahawks hogged the sports spotlight as three of their top players talked about their contract situations and more.

While Michael Bennett babbled more nonsense about holding out, Russell Wilson made it clear he will show up no matter how much he is making. And then Marshawn Lynch finished the day with another hilarious appearance on “Conan,” saying (among other things) the $12 million the Hawks are paying him this year was a good reason to put off retirement.

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Wilson, Chancellor & the gang enjoy Aloha spirit

The Seahawks are having a good time bonding on Maui (my favorite vacation spot).

Russell Wilson has been joined by 20 teammates, including new additions Jimmy Graham and Cary Williams and all of the team’s starting linebackers.

The other players in attendance, according to (and photos): tight ends Luke Willson, Cooper Helfet and RaShaun Allen; wide receivers Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Kevin Norwood and Chris Matthews; running backs Demitrius Bronson and Derrick Coleman; cornerbacks Richard Sherman, Eric Pinkins and Will Blackmon; linebackers Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright and Mike Morgan; safeties Kam Chancellor and Dion Bailey.

Not surprisingly, Marshawn Lynch is not there. The guy’s a maverick loner, as we all know. Not sure why Robert Turbin and Christine Michael are not there. Earl Thomas, Paul Richardson, Jeremy Lane and Tharold Simon are recovering from surgeries.

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