We won’t see Lynch on ‘MNF,’ but he has been on TV a lot recently

Marshawn Lynch won’t be seen on the field tonight, but we sure have been seeing a lot of him on TV recently as he takes advantage of his newfound commercial appeal.

As he misses a game for the first time since 2011 — and just the second time in his five years with the Seahawks — we thought we would recap his latest commercial ventures so you didn’t miss him too much.

First, from August, there was the Skittles infomercial in which “Big Daddy” and Skittles got engaged.

He also was in an Xbox commercial with teammate Richard Sherman, Drew Brees and Clay Matthews.

Then there was the “Speech Mode” Pepsi ad in which he lip-synced to the voice of a woman.

Most recently, he added another local ad to go with his famous “Stop freakin’, call Beacon” spot. In this pest control commercial, he told media to “stop bugging me.”

And his most recent, a spot for a local Jaguar dealership.

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