Wilson in pinstripes? Remember, he’s not really from Seattle

Wilson in pinstripesRussell Wilson’s play date with the Yankees is a big reminder that most pro athletes are just transplants, on paid loan to the sports city in which they play, and have no loyalty to that city beyond the team they play for.

And sometimes not even then (ahem, Earl Thomas).

Seeing Wilson in a Yankees jersey is galling to Seattle fans who cheer both the Seahawks and Mariners. But we all have to remember Wilson is not from Seattle. He is from Wisconsin, by way of North Carolina, by way of Virginia — all a bunch of places that have nothing in common with Seattle. And his dad was a big Yankees fan.

As annoying as it is to Seattle sports fans, this is just the fulfillment of a pre-Seattle dream for Wilson.

It’s not nearly as bad as Thomas’ big faux pas last season in Dallas, when Seattle’s star free safety told Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to “come get me.” Courting a team you just played is tantamount to treason — especially when you are still signed to your current team beyond the current season.

Players are just like everyone else who comes here from elsewhere. Some love it and choose to make Seattle their permanent home, and others view Seattle only as a temporary stop in life’s journey, the place where they work. In the offseason, they go back to wherever they are from — at least in between their other travels.

Michael Bennett, a native Texan, flies to his adopted home of Oahu. Kam Chancellor heads to Virginia, Richard Sherman and Paul Richardson to Los Angeles, Jimmy Graham to Miami, etc. Wilson is always traveling in the offseason and uses Southern California as his base.

In the end, most of these guys are just temporary residents of Seattle — unless they play here for a decade or longer, meet their wives here, start families, etc.

So, when Wilson pulls an anti-Seattle move like wearing Yankee pinstripes, we just have to remember: He’s not really from Seattle; he just works here.


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