Super Bowl weekend notes: Clark & Wilson ready for 2019

Frank ClarkRight after the Super Bowl, Frank Clark was ready to get started with the Seahawks again: “Let’s get this paperwork (i.e., contract) done so we (can) go on this hunt. I’m tired of the same results.” The Seahawks have been in the playoffs in three of Clark’s four seasons, but it’s nice to see he is aiming higher — and wants to get there with the Seahawks. Now we just have to wait and see how that paperwork turns out.

Speaking of contracts: Talks have not yet begun between John Schneider/Matt Thomas and Russell Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers. But that’s no surprise. Those negotiations are not likely to occur until at least May. Meanwhile, right after the Super Bowl, Wilson tweeted: “2019. Going to be a special year.”

Jeff Bezos has business deals with the NFL, so it was no surprise that the Amazon CEO was spotted in the commissioner’s suite during the Super Bowl in Atlanta. But some people want to try to turn that into “Bezos is buying the Seahawks.” Frankly, we’d be more interested in Clippers owner Steve Ballmer buying the team. For now, Jody Allen has other things to take care of, so the team seems unlikely to be sold until perhaps 2020 (if she even wants to sell it).

As goofy and crass as he often is, Marshawn Lynch will always be a beloved Seahawks legend, so it’s worth pointing out when he has a funny day like Sunday. First, we saw him chomping on Skittles (we assume) at the Man of the Year presentation. The only nominee not wearing a suit, the nonconformist ended up right in the camera’s eye behind presenter J.J. Watt. He seemed to realize that and managed to shift so he was perfectly concealed. Later, during the very cool “NFL 100” ad, Lynch (again dressed down in a sweatsuit) started off the funfest with a typically mischievous move.

Former Seahawk Kevin Mawae, whose career really took off with the Jets, was voted into the Hall of Fame. The Seahawks let him go in 1998 because they didn’t want to pay him (the Jets made him the top-paid center in the NFL). They instead signed Kevin Glover and Chris Gray. Three years later, Robbie Tobeck and Steve Hutchinson came along to help create the best line the Seahawks have ever had (with Walter Jones and Gray). Hutch figures to make the Hall soon.

Asked on KJR whether he would consider coming back to Seattle, Bruce Irvin (a pending UFA) hesitated before saying, “I wouldn’t mind the opportunity.” It was a lukewarm response, kind of like the Seahawks’ interest figures to be. Even though Ken Norton asked him if he wanted to come back last season after he was cut by Oakland, don’t expect Irvin to return.

Austin Davis was cut by Tennessee. The Hawks need a backup QB again, so it wouldn’t be a shocker to see him re-sign and compete against Paxton Lynch for the No. 2 job. Davis was let go when the Hawks traded for Brett Hundley last summer. It’s still possible Hundley also re-signs, but the Hawks will stay cheap there, as always.


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