CHAWK LINES -- Marshawn Lynch retires

Marshawn Lynch made a unique retirement announcement Sunday and his agent confirmed it Monday.

Lynch is tied for third in NFL history with six 100-yard rushing games in the playoffs.

The Seahawks tweeted a cool video tribute.

We reposted the simulcast of his two greatest runs.

Russell Wilson called it an honor to play with one of the best of all time.

Richard Sherman said it was an honor to share the field with him.

Paul Allen thanked him for a great career and “so many runs and quakes.”

Golden Tate called him “the realest ever.”

Justin Forsett, Lynch’s teammate at Cal and Seattle, said he was proud of Lynch.

Chris Long called Lynch “one of my favorite players to ever play against.”

Many other teammates and opponents chimed in as well.

Lynch reportedly has saved nearly all of his $50 million in NFL earnings, living instead off endorsement money.

We put together a bunch of his ads last October.

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