This offseason sets up Part III & wide-open 2017

Salary cap logoWhile a lot of people think the Seahawks face a daunting offseason — with 24 scheduled free agents and decisions to make on Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett — you can bet John Schneider and Pete Carroll see it for what it really is: A chance for them to reset their still-strong team for Part III of the Schneider/Carroll era so they can win a couple more Super Bowls.

Part I included the building years of 2010-12, when they put together a stout defense and powerful running attack and found a franchise quarterback. Part II (2013-15) was the first Super Bowl window, which did not turn out quite as well as it should have.

This offseason offers the chance for Schneider and Carroll to redefine their team — officially moving on from some 2010-15 stalwarts (e.g., Marshawn Lynch, Chancellor, Russell Okung) and remaking their offensive line. It will set the table for next offseason, when Schneider will have the flexibility to make some moves that could create a dominant team for 2017 and beyond.

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