Expect Hawks, Bennett to work it out

Bennett and LynchBarring a break from philosophy, the Seahawks will be able to do only so much for Pro Bowl defender Michael Bennett this offseason.

But it might be enough, if Bennett’s recent business move is any indication.

Neither John Schneider nor Pete Carroll has ruled out adjusting Bennett’s salary, which calls for $4 million plus $1 million in per-game bonuses, but both have cautioned against expecting too much.

Last month, Schneider told 710 ESPN, “It’s all on an individual basis. We’re going to do whatever we can to keep this puzzle together, but we can’t get out of whack either.”

On Thursday at the Combine, Carroll praised Bennett for his energy, leadership and consistency last season and said, “We’d like to reward everybody. Can’t always do that.”

Bennett surely is hoping to be an exception to the rule. Toward that end, he has switched agents.

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Hawks likely will take their time with Graham

Graham out for season“It’s too early to tell” when Jimmy Graham will return from his torn patellar tendon, but we already know a few things: (1) The Seahawks are not going to get rid of the high-paid tight end this year; (2) they are probably going to take their time with his recovery; (3) he should be able to return to his previous standard of performance.

At the Combine on Wednesday, John Schneider said there is no timetable for the return of Graham, who is “doing great” while rehabbing in Miami.

“Obviously it was a devastating injury for us at the time,” Schneider said, “but he’s a great guy, got a great attitude about it, and he’s ready to get after it.”

Schneider said last month that Graham will be back with the Hawks — despite the wishes of some fans (in a Seattle Times poll, about 20 percent thought Graham would not be back).

The Seahawks’ MO always has been to let injured players recover, without altering their contracts, and then see how they perform the next season, so there was never any doubt Graham would be back. The question was and still is: When?

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