More indicators that Wilson’s agent is being unreasonable

Wilson and the RodgersWe’ve long suspected that Russell Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, was going to be a problem for the Seahawks in contract negotiations, and it is becoming increasingly clear that he is indeed the problem.

The most recent tidbits over the last couple of days come from some guys with a little insider info: former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren and Field Gulls.

On Wednesday, Holmgren said on KJR-AM that the offer he has heard is “very fair” and “the Seahawks are not lowballing” Wilson. Of course, that is coming from a guy who has always been on the management side of such talks. But Holmgren has been involved in enough deals to know what is fair.

Add to his comments what the guys at Field Gulls said in their podcast Thursday: They were told last month by a trusted source that the Seahawks had offered Wilson $54 million in guaranteed money, which would match the record amount the Packers gave Aaron Rodgers in 2013.

Mark Rodgers apparently asked for $75 million — a number that verifies other reports that Rodgers wants Wilson to be paid as if he is a baseball free agent. Of course, there are no bidders here, and that number is untenable for Seattle.

The Hawks apparently would consider going as high as $61 million in full guarantees, according to Field Gulls. And that clearly would be more than fair.

The exclusive franchise tags would guarantee Wilson around $55 million in 2016 and 2017, so the Hawks’ reported offer is in line with what they would end up paying him on the one-year tenders (we still think they would opt for the standard tags, which would guarantee about $44 million instead).

If those numbers are true, Holmgren is right when he says “it’s a huge mistake” for Wilson to decline that offer.

“To me, it doesn’t make any sense,” Holmgren said. “It’s not reasonable that they’re asking for WAY more than a little more.”

That said, Holmgren said, “I still think there’s a really good chance that it gets done at the midnight hour.”

Not sure even Pete Carroll is that optimistic at this point — especially if Rodgers continues to play this game like it is baseball.

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