Moon: Wilson doesn’t want ‘obsolete’ deal

Moon and WilsonRussell Wilson is trying to avoid the situation Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor find themselves in, but that’s not how the NFL marketplace works — and that’s why no deal is likely.

As the presumed deadline (Friday) for a deal rapidly approaches, Warren Moon said Wilson and his agent, Mark Rodgers, actually are negotiating based on the future market for quarterbacks.

So, instead of trying to beat Aaron Rodgers’ $22 million a year and $54 million guaranteed, they are trying to get ahead of the market so they can avoid getting trumped next year by Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, et al.

“I don’t think Russell necessarily wants to be the highest paid in the league,” Moon told “He understands where the QB market is going. If Russell was able to get $22 million right now, there are going to be four or five guys who leapfrog him. He just wants to stay in suit with the guys at the top. He doesn’t want to sign a deal that becomes obsolete.”

That explains why Wilson is willing to play out his rookie deal, at $1.54 million, and wait until next year for his extension. By waiting to see what Luck and the rest get, he can use those numbers in his negotiations.

Of course, there will always be another deal that trumps his, so is he going to negotiate on the futures market forever? If so, it seems very doubtful a deal will ever get done. Teams go by the current market. All contracts become “obsolete.”

You can’t fault Wilson for wanting to avoid finding himself in the same situation as Bennett and Chancellor, who both are unhappy just one year into their new deals as other NFL players have surpassed them.

As for Wilson, the Seahawks do not even value him as the top QB in the league. (Nor should they.) They reportedly have offered $21 million per year — which would put him third behind Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger in that department.

The big issue, of course, continues to be guaranteed money. The Hawks reportedly are offering close to $20 million this year, with the usual injury guarantees that become full guarantees on an annual basis. Wilson and Rodgers are thought to be asking for at least $65 million in immediate guarantees (not all paid this year).

It’s a big gap, and it might not be possible to bridge it until next offseason, when Luck, Rivers and Manning get their new deals.

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