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After 37, Schneider needs to trade up

NFL draftJohn Schneider may be “back in the draft,” but he still has a bunch of maneuvering to do.

He has just two picks today and needs to try to turn that into three or four. You know he wants to, because he previously mentioned there is a big drop in talent from Round 3 to Round 4.

Seattle has selections 37 and 92 — along with four fourths, two fifths and a bevy of 2020 picks — and should be able to move around.

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Chasing picks, Hawks reached for Collier (but he could be worth it)

NFL draftThe Seahawks never know what to do with first-round picks, so imagine the problem they had Thursday when they had two of them back to back and their only real goal was to expand the rest of their draft.

The Seahawks had two picks, and yet it felt like they had no plan for them — other than to bail out as much as possible to add more selections. And they didn’t do that very well either, failing to add a Day 2 selection (beyond the one their first-rounder became).

There’s a reason the Hawks usually trade out of the first round: When they stay, they typically use the pick on a second-round player anyway. They’ve now picked five players in the first round since 2011, and four of them have had second-round grades by most draft analysts. The Hawks have to hope L.J. Collier is a better version of Bruce Irvin (a first-round reach who had eight sacks as a rookie).

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Draft day live: Hawks trade down twice, add pass rusher Collier

NFL draft8:45 p.m.: Picking at 29 and 30, the Seahawks used 29 to draft TCU pass rusher L.J. Collier and moved out of the 30th spot, dropping to 37th and getting a fourth and fifth from the Giants.

Most of the top pass rushers were gone after the Hawks traded down from 21; their only other options were offensive linemen or cornerbacks. But they wanted to make sure they got a pass rusher.

Collier was considered a second-round prospect (ranked in the 50s) and didn’t really fit Seattle’s athletic profile, but he’s strong and versatile and has been compared to Michael Bennett.

Pete Carroll called him “a lot like Michael Bennett. … He has a nice pass rush bag of tricks.”

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How might Hawks use newfound draft ammo?

NFL draftThe Frank Clark trade, as controversial as it was, has given the Seahawks tons of flexibility in the next two drafts.

They have two first-round selections this year and 17 choices over the next two (counting projected comp picks). So what is Seattle’s strategy?

Based on John Schneider’s comments Monday about the talent dropping off after the third round, you can bet they are going to try to amass four or five picks in the first two days — and use two of those on pass rushers.

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Is secondary the primary draft target?

NFL draftThe Seahawks seem locked in on finding a hybrid safety/nickel corner high in this draft.

It’s basically a starting position in the NFL these days, which explains why Justin Coleman got $9 million a year from Detroit. Coleman played in 63.5 percent of Seattle’s defensive snaps the past two years, and the Seahawks seem to be looking for his replacement in the second round.

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Schneider should target four Day 2 picks

Schneider at 2019 combine“Not cool.” — John Schneider on having just four picks as draft month begins.

John Schneider is lamenting his lack of draft picks this year and wondering whether he will be able to trade down in a deep draft, but there is no reason to worry on either count.

Schneider needs to look at his draft stock over two years, knowing he will have 13-15 picks. As we chronicle in our comp tracker, the Hawks will have at least two bonus picks next year — a 3 and 4 — and might end up with all four (3, 4, 6, 7).

Knowing he will get at least an extra third and fourth, Schneider has the luxury of potentially using his real 3 and 4 in 2020 to trade up in this draft. Added to his likelihood of moving out of the first round, that should create enough flexibility for Seattle to net three or four Day 2 picks. And that is what Schneider should be targeting.

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Carroll thinks roster is deep, but Hawks’ needs are obvious

NFL draftJust one year after Pete Carroll and John Schneider dismantled their legendary defense and surprised many by making the playoffs with young players replacing the departed stars, Carroll thinks his team is good enough as constituted to take the next step.

At the owners meetings in Phoenix, Carroll told John Clayton: “It’s going to be very difficult to make this team this year for the incoming guys. That’s because the depth is growing.”

He mentioned the offensive line, tight end, running back and cornerback as positions where the depth looks good. He also likes his safeties and is looking forward to having his best linebacking crew (assuming Mychal Kendricks avoids prison).

But we all know the Hawks can get better — they didn’t get home field or reach the Super Bowl last season, after all. And we already know which positions the Seahawks are going to prioritize in the draft: defensive line and receiver.

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Schneider’s big Combine mission: Set up trades

Schneider at combineThis week’s wild Russell Wilson rumor aside, it has been a quiet stretch in Seahawks Land — no action since the team signed Paxton Lynch in mid-January. Like most of the rest of the league, the Hawks have been heads-down planning offseason moves and prepping for next week’s Combine.

John Schneider will have three tasks in Indy. Beyond scouting players and gauging the free-agent market, the biggest mission will be laying the groundwork for possible draft trades.

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How will Schneider double his draft picks?

Pic -- Schneider at CombineDraft season is about to officially begin, with the all-star bowls this weekend and next, which has prompted a new round of mock drafts.

It also raises a key question for Seattle: How will John Schneider get from his current four picks to his usual nine or 10? Will he play the comp game and use 2020 picks? Or will he just do what he did in 2017 — trade down three times?

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