CHAWK LINES -- Rams at Seahawks

The Seahawks are NFC West champs, but are they good enough to be any more than that?

It was a night of redemption for Russell Wilson.

Michael Bennett felt fine after wrenching his neck on a hellish hit.

Jon Ryan was taken to the hospital after suffering a concussion during a crazy run off a fake punt.

Bennett and the defensive line had a feeding frenzy against rookie QB Jared Goff.

Goff ended up leaving with a concussion suffered on a big hit by Richard Sherman.

Tyler Lockett finally bumped Jermaine Kearse from the starting lineup — a move long overdue.

Sherman’s public criticism of the offense drew a lot of reaction. Among the early takes: It’s a result of the loose ship run by Pete Carroll. It reflects poorly on Sherman and the team. Carroll talked with Sherman about it the next day.

Cliff Avril came out of a little slump with 1.5 sacks and now leads NFL linemen with 11.5.

Carroll went “for the hat trick” on three ball-spot challenges in the first half. He won just two.

The Seahawks’ neon green uniforms — like most of those Thursday color rush jobs — drew lots of commentary.


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