Carroll’s undisciplined Hawks win West

logo-green-bayPete Carroll has never been much of a disciplinarian. He’s a free spirit who encourages the same in his players.

It’s partly why his team is always at the top of the league in penalties. It’s also why his players feel free to express themselves — even if they make Carroll look like a fool.

They certainly did Thursday night in a division-clinching 24-3 win over the Rams.

The Hawks committed 13 penalties — 10 of them mental errors that reflected that well-documented lack of discipline. And Richard Sherman went off on his coaches again.

If the Seahawks had been playing almost anyone other than the Rams and rookie QB Jared Goff, Seattle might have lost that game.

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CHAWK LINES -- Rams at Seahawks

The Seahawks are NFC West champs, but are they good enough to be any more than that?

It was a night of redemption for Russell Wilson.

Michael Bennett felt fine after wrenching his neck on a hellish hit.

Jon Ryan was taken to the hospital after suffering a concussion during a crazy run off a fake punt.

Bennett and the defensive line had a feeding frenzy against rookie QB Jared Goff.

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