CHAWK LINES -- Rams at Seahawks

The Seahawks are confident they will not repeat the disaster in Green Bay. Said Doug Baldwin: “It’s easier for us to get past, because we know that’s not normal.”

John Fassel and the Rams are trying to regroup after Jeff Fisher was fired.

Pete Carroll repeats the obvious: No, he is not interested in coaching the Rams.

Richard Sherman calls Thursday games a “poopfest” — and his graphic point is valid.

The Hawks are mostly healthy (not counting Earl Thomas, of course).

The NFC’s No. 2 seed and the defensive scoring title are still within reach, thanks to a seemingly easy final three games.

Media are catching up to what fans have been saying all season: Jermaine Kearse is not playing well enough to keep his spot.

Back to the Green Bay game: The Seahawks didn’t get any pressure on Aaron Rodgers, partly because they chose not to blitz.

The Packers accused Seattle defenders of taking cheap shots.

Another feature for John Schneider’s scrap book. Mostly rehash of stuff all Seattle fans know, but a fun tidbit about how Schneider chatted up Russell Wilson’s brother at a bar to see if the QB was everything he seemed to be.


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