A look at all 38 of Schneider’s trades

NFL draftDRAFT COUNTDOWN: 6 days. As the draft approaches, we look at draft-related topics involving the Seahawks.

“Who says we’re picking at 26?”

With that comment on KJR last week, John Schneider basically confirmed the Seahawks are going to be looking to trade out of the first round again.

Schneider said this draft is made for trading down because it is the deepest draft since he took over as Seattle’s GM in 2010.

The draft is especially deep in the two areas where the Seahawks need help: offensive line and defensive tackle. And that explains why Schneider will once again be looking to move down.

“You always have to find a partner, and that can be somewhat difficult throughout the day and throughout the weekend,” the GM said. “But this is one of those drafts (that make you want to move down).”

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