Hawks looking for trade-down partners

NFL draftAs the Seahawks look for ways to move down from their pick at 26, it looks like they could have a few options.

Denver (31st pick) and Cleveland (32nd) reportedly have been looking for ways to move up — likely for Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch. Both teams apparently have talked with Green Bay, which picks right behind Seattle. So, it follows that they have talked or will speak with the Seahawks, too.

Of course, the New York Jets could well decide to grab Lynch at No. 20 (or higher), which would leave the Seahawks looking for another team with a reason to move up.

Another draw to moving from the top of the second round into the bottom of the first is the fifth-year player control the first round offers, which could prompt teams to come up for one of the other quarterbacks — or a player at a different position.

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