Still ‘tinkering,’ GM thinks Hawks are ‘very close’ to Super again

Wilson and SchneiderIn the aftermath of the Seahawks’ stunning 43-8 demolition of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, it sure seemed like the foundation of a dynasty had been laid.

A year later, sitting on the goal line at the end of Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks were poised to finish off the second floor of the three-story dynastic castle. But coaching mistakes ruined their first shot at that rare achievement.

First, Pete Carroll allowed Darrell Bevell to make the worst play call in Super Bowl history, and then Carroll followed it up by fielding a ridiculously overmatched offensive line in a stunningly underachieving 2015 season.

When you raise expectations the way Carroll and John Schneider have over the past four years, anything short of winning it all is total failure. The Seahawks were primed to become one of the league’s rare dynasties, and they screwed it up.

Now, as they begin Part III of the PJ Era, they think they can quickly recapture the spirit of 2013 and return to the Super Bowl.

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