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With Bennett deal, Schneider gets a jump on 2017 extensions

Salary cap logoJohn Schneider has several big extensions to consider in 2017, so it makes sense that he started early — removing any doubt about Michael Bennett remaining with the team beyond 2017.

Schneider and Doug Hendrickson, Bennett’s new agent, had been talking about a new deal since the summer, so it is not a big surprise they finished it off before this season ends.

The extension, reportedly for three years and $31.5 million, is almost the terms of the deal they worked out for Marshawn Lynch after the 2014 season.

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Report: Bennett expects new deal before season

Training camp logo2Michael Bennett reportedly expects to have a new deal before the season, which apparently is why he reported to training camp on time.

That is from a nugget at the bottom of an NFL.com report focusing on Bennett’s comments about social issues.

Per NFL.com, “Bennett said he reported to Seahawks training camp on time because he is confident his agent and the Seahawks will work out a new contract soon. Sources close to Bennett told (Michael) Silver that they hope to work out a long-term deal for Bennett before the start of the season.”

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Will Bennett take the Lynch deferment plan?

Bennett and LynchIt sure looks like Michael Bennett is considering holding out, after all. Why else would his agent come to Seattle on the eve of training camp?

Bennett apparently wants at least $14 million a year, but will he settle for the Marshawn Lynch deferment plan — the deal his new agent, Doug Hendrickson, worked out in 2014?

Per ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Hendrickson and the Seahawks will discuss the Pro Bowl defensive lineman’s “desires” for a new deal this week.

Bennett wants a two- or three-year extension that pays him among the top six or seven defensive linemen in the NFL, Anderson reported. That means at least $14 million per year — double what he is making now.

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More evidence that Chancellor, Bennett will not hold out

Kam and BennettEntering the offseason, two of the Seahawks’ biggest personnel questions centered on whether Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett were going to be problems.

It’s looking more and more like neither will be.

Chancellor apparently has made up with the team, based on words from him and John Schneider. And he added to that with recent comments to The Seattle Times, saying, “The past is the past” and talking about being a leader, a big brother and a captain.

Like Chancellor, Bennett has been griping about his contract for a year. Unlike Chancellor, Bennett showed up on time last year and turned in his best season.

Of course, all that did was build up concern that Bennett might give the Hawks another Kam Kam Kick this year and hold out. But it is looking like Bennett has no plans to do that.

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Expect Hawks, Bennett to work it out

Bennett and LynchBarring a break from philosophy, the Seahawks will be able to do only so much for Pro Bowl defender Michael Bennett this offseason.

But it might be enough, if Bennett’s recent business move is any indication.

Neither John Schneider nor Pete Carroll has ruled out adjusting Bennett’s salary, which calls for $4 million plus $1 million in per-game bonuses, but both have cautioned against expecting too much.

Last month, Schneider told 710 ESPN, “It’s all on an individual basis. We’re going to do whatever we can to keep this puzzle together, but we can’t get out of whack either.”

On Thursday at the Combine, Carroll praised Bennett for his energy, leadership and consistency last season and said, “We’d like to reward everybody. Can’t always do that.”

Bennett surely is hoping to be an exception to the rule. Toward that end, he has switched agents.

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Lynch’s agent discusses the deal and his client

Lynch on Super BowlDoug Hendrickson, the agent for Marshawn Lynch, said the running back never wanted to leave Seattle and has not mentioned retirement to him, and Seahawks general manager John Schneider pushed a contract extension hard starting the day after the Super Bowl.

Talking to KJR Radio about Lynch’s three-year, $31 million contract, Hendrickson said Lynch was Seattle’s first priority and Schneider called him the day after the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl — by not running Lynch at the goal line — and started talking about getting Lynch’s deal extended.

“They wanted to get it done, and they wanted to get it done fast,” Hendrickson said.

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