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Bye-bye, Boykin?

BoykinTrevone Boykin’s arrest does not bode well for his future with the Seahawks, and you can bet the team is stepping up its scouting for a new backup quarterback.

Boykin showed some promise as an undrafted guy last year, and it’s possible the Hawks had been comfortable adding only a rookie for camp — until Boykin reportedly showed the very poor judgment of getting into a car with a drunken driver who ended up hurting eight people.

The Seahawks won’t necessarily release Boykin now, but their history shows they don’t keep legally troubled backup players for long. And the fact that this is Boykin’s second arrest in two years — including a bust while he was at TCU — could mean the Hawks decide to move on.

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Moffitt was Schneider’s worst draft pick

John Schneider’s worst draft pick is coming out of retirement.

John Moffitt was so bad that Schneider and the Seahawks actually changed the way they evaluate draft prospects largely because of him, focusing on football character over skill starting in 2014.

“There’s certain guys you spend a lot of time with, because you’re trying to figure out the man,” Schneider said before the draft last year. “What’s in his heart? What his personality’s like. Would he fit in in the locker room? There’s certain guys that we haven’t done that good of a job with, in my opinion, in the past.”

That’s a clear reference to Moffitt, who was traded by the team after Tom Cable got tired of his lackadaisical attitude — which it turns out was caused by his drug problem.

Moffitt started 15 games in 2011 and 2012, alternating with J.R. Sweezy toward the end of the latter year. Cable was never impressed by Moffitt, whose drug addiction apparently scuttled whatever ability or desire he had.

Moffitt always came across as a buffoon, running into trouble with the law and the NFL more than once. Apparently he has addressed his drug problem and wants back in the NFL. The Seahawks clearly are not an option.

We consider him the worst pick in Schneider’s six drafts. Here’s our bottom five:

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Hawks already try to identify Borlands

Chris BorlandChris Borland’s sudden retirement has caused a big stir among NFL observers, with some declaring this is a harbinger of the end of the game as we know it, forecasting a future mass exodus by players.

Others say Borland is an outlier who does not represent the future of the league. Many have supported his decision; some have criticized it.

In the end, it’s his decision — neither right nor wrong, just a personal choice he is entitled to make. (Although, if he always planned to play just one season and did not tell the 49ers or anyone else, that clearly was a selfish move and the 49ers certainly should make him repay the rest of his signing bonus.)

But the league is not ending any time soon. There will be no rush to the doors by all of the league’s current and future players. One man’s decision — certainly not the first or last such premature retirement — won’t change the game in some major way.

But it might change how teams evaluate players.

The Seahawks are already ahead of the curve on that one. They have made a point to focus as much on the psychological profiles of players as on talent.

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