Moffitt was Schneider’s worst draft pick

John Schneider’s worst draft pick is coming out of retirement.

John Moffitt was so bad that Schneider and the Seahawks actually changed the way they evaluate draft prospects largely because of him, focusing on football character over skill starting in 2014.

“There’s certain guys you spend a lot of time with, because you’re trying to figure out the man,” Schneider said before the draft last year. “What’s in his heart? What his personality’s like. Would he fit in in the locker room? There’s certain guys that we haven’t done that good of a job with, in my opinion, in the past.”

That’s a clear reference to Moffitt, who was traded by the team after Tom Cable got tired of his lackadaisical attitude — which it turns out was caused by his drug problem.

Moffitt started 15 games in 2011 and 2012, alternating with J.R. Sweezy toward the end of the latter year. Cable was never impressed by Moffitt, whose drug addiction apparently scuttled whatever ability or desire he had.

Moffitt always came across as a buffoon, running into trouble with the law and the NFL more than once. Apparently he has addressed his drug problem and wants back in the NFL. The Seahawks clearly are not an option.

We consider him the worst pick in Schneider’s six drafts. Here’s our bottom five:

1 — OG John Moffitt (third round, 2011): The Hawks were desperate for linemen in 2011 and ended up with James Carpenter and Moffitt. Third-round picks should be the meat of the roster, always top backups or starters, but Moffitt fizzled and faded and then was traded.
Could have had: TE Jordan Cameron, TE Julius Thomas, OG Clint Boling.

2 — RB Christine Michael (second round, 2013): A luxury pick, Michael is the face of Schneider’s worst draft class (Chris Harper, Jesse Williams, Tharold Simon, Spencer Ware, et al.).
Could have had: DT Bennie Logan, LB Sio Moore, WR Keenan Allen, QB Mike Glennon.

3 — OG James Carpenter (first round, 2011): The Hawks admittedly had Carpenter ranked as a second-rounder, but they wanted a road grader at No. 25 and picked the 320-pounder. They had to switch him from tackle to guard and never got a full season out of him before he signed with the Jets this offseason.
Could have had: QB Andy Dalton, QB Colin Kaepernick, DT Muhammad Wilkerson.

4 — WR Chris Harper (fourth round, 2013): Schneider has not been very good in the fourth round, and Harper was his biggest failure — not even making the roster.
Could have had: WR Quinton Patton, WR Kenny Stills.

5 — OL Garrett Scott (sixth round, 2014): The Hawks wasted a sixth-round pick on Scott, who later was discovered to have a heart defect. The Hawks did not know about it beforehand because Scott was not at the Combine, where players undergo detailed physicals. This was just bad luck, but you have to include the guy who never even made it to training camp.

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