Bye-bye, Boykin?

BoykinTrevone Boykin’s arrest does not bode well for his future with the Seahawks, and you can bet the team is stepping up its scouting for a new backup quarterback.

Boykin showed some promise as an undrafted guy last year, and it’s possible the Hawks had been comfortable adding only a rookie for camp — until Boykin reportedly showed the very poor judgment of getting into a car with a drunken driver who ended up hurting eight people.

The Seahawks won’t necessarily release Boykin now, but their history shows they don’t keep legally troubled backup players for long. And the fact that this is Boykin’s second arrest in two years — including a bust while he was at TCU — could mean the Hawks decide to move on.

“We’ll see. We’ll see what happens here. We have some information to get through,” Pete Carroll told 710 ESPN’s John Clayton. “There’s plenty of time to figure this out. Early indications are that everything will give him an opportunity to be back with us. We’ll see what happens, though. And then we’re always looking. We’re always looking for the right guy, and we’ll see what happens.”

Most other Seahawks backups who have been arrested have not lasted long after.

Derrick Coleman was arrested in October 2015 for hit-and-run. He was suspended for a week and then returned to finish the season. The Hawks did not re-sign him after that, though, and he was out of the NFL until the Atlanta Falcons recently signed him.

Before he became a standout for Kansas City, Spencer Ware had DUI issues in Washington. He was arrested in January 2014, but the Hawks kept him on the roster and the charge later was dropped. The injury-prone runner was released in roster reductions that August anyway — and then arrested for DUI again a few days later.

Another undrafted quarterback, Josh Portis, was arrested in May 2013 for suspicion of DUI. The team quickly released the No. 3 QB.

Troubled lineman John Moffitt was arrested in August 2012 for disorderly conduct; the team kept him around until August 2013, when it traded him to Denver. He retired shortly after that, got into drug-related trouble and eventually admitted he had a problem. He tried to restart his career with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, but it didn’t happen.

The Seahawks have showed a lot more patience with starters. Leroy Hill already had a pot arrest from 2009 before Pete Carroll and John Schneider arrived. They kept him even after a 2010 domestic-violence arrest and a bizarre marijuana charge in 2012 (later dropped). They finally decided to move on after his second DV incident, in January 2013.

Marshawn Lynch was arrested on suspicion of DUI in 2012, but that charge later was pleaded down to reckless driving — certainly the least troubling of any of these incidents.

The Hawks avoided dealing with any arrests in 2016, but now Boykin has put himself and the team in a bad spot.

A lot of people have been stumping for the Hawks to sign Colin Kaepernick, who many think is being blackballed by NFL teams. Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett both have spoken highly of Kaepernick recently (Bennett has teamed with the QB to send aid to Somalia).

But Kaepernick reportedly wants to get a shot to start somewhere — and be paid accordingly.

Robert Griffin III has been mentioned as another backup possibility. He has hit rock bottom after being released by the Browns and might be willing to rebuild his career backing up a fellow 2012 draft pick.

Other veteran QBs the Hawks could consider (forget Jay Cutler) include Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blaine Gabbert, Case Keenum, Matt McGloin, Christian Ponder and T.J. Yates.


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      1. When you have 4 people with life threatening injuries, you just gave up your second chance. At 23 I spent my time in college finishing a double major in Software Engineering and Accounting, but were not talking about me are we?


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