Wilson trade options seem to dwindle with coaching moves

The NFL’s coaching carousel is spinning fast and furious now, and a few rotations this week may have eliminated some trade options for Russell Wilson.

Denver and the Giants were two of the bettor’s favorites as Wilson trade destinations, but both teams have hired new leaders who might not be interested in adding Seattle’s longtime star QB.

Giants owner John Mara and new GM Joe Schoen said they plan to stick with Daniel Jones, the sixth pick in the 2019 draft. They hired Brian Daboll, who helped refine Josh Allen from an inaccurate gunslinger to the multi-threat MVP candidate he now is. Daboll might be happy to take on the challenge with Jones, too.

Denver, meanwhile, is expected to make a run at Aaron Rodgers after hiring his OC from Green Bay, Nathaniel Hackett, to be the coach. Wilson obviously could be an option if Rodgers does not seem to be.

New Orleans was another possibility, but the departure of Sean Payton probably rules that out as a place of interest for Wilson.

A lot can and will happen over the next six weeks, but for now those three teams appear to be unlikely options for any move involving Wilson.

Per our recent list, the top remaining options would seem to be Washington, Philadelphia and Carolina. Wilson has possible reasons to like any of those three – with the NFC East teams being perhaps more desirable.

Another team that could offer mutual interest is Tampa Bay. Tom Brady reportedly is going to retire, so perhaps the Bucs will try to find another veteran passer to replace him. Rodgers or Wilson would be the top options. Would Wilson want to follow in Brady’s footsteps? Or would he consider that playing second fiddle and marring the “legacy” his ego wants?

While Pete Carroll hinted that the Hawks might consider moving Wilson, the latest word is that the Seahawks “have shown no interest” in a trade and would look to do so only if Wilson “forced” the issue.

Of course, just because they haven’t seemed interested now doesn’t mean they won’t listen when teams start calling again. And that should happen once teams have settled their coaching situations.


2 thoughts on “Wilson trade options seem to dwindle with coaching moves”

  1. Washington: Great coach, one of the worst owners in sports. Re proximity to Wilson’s hometown: I live in Richmond, and it might as well be on another planet. In fact, it’s probably *easier* to get to another planet, even compared to a chartered a flight.

    Carolina: No weapons, precarious coaching situtation. Their best offensive player (McCaffrey) has played 10 games in two years. After DJ Moore, the receiving talent is marginal.

    Philadelphia: Good organization. 9-8 with Jalen Hurts at QB, so I have to figure that they are well-coached. 3-5 at home, where Wilson could make a real difference. The most plausible trade destination.

    I’m not so sure about Rodgers going to Denver. While that makes sense in a lot of ways, it also means playing in the same conference as Allen, Burrow, Herbert, and Mahomes.


    1. good analysis Chris & PK. I would say that if Rodgers does not retire and wants a trade, I think GB sends him to AFC. He holds a grudge. He was on Pat McAfee show a few days ago. He said he will decide before FA begins.

      Looking like Russ will be back this year. If Rodgers goes, there are NO elites qbs in NFC. Several capable of playing close to that level for most of a season, including Russ (if his ego accepts HOW that happens). And Rodgers has rarely been elite either in a big game to decide going to SB for a long time. But if he faced GB to get there, I bet he plays his ass off.

      the NFC off season could be very, very interesting


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