Carroll on Wilson: ‘Unpredictable stuff’

Even Pete Carroll does not seem to know whether Russell Wilson will be on the roster next season. In one breath, he says Wilson is “our quarterback” and in another he says “unpredictable” things can happen in the offseason.

Carroll hinted to Fox 13’s Aaron Levine that there is no guarantee Wilson will be on the team.

Asked if they would be able to get through the offseason without any more Wilson drama, Carroll replied, “I don’t want to give you false hopes because there is just so much stuff that can happen in the offseason. There’s unpredictable stuff.

“We’re gonna compete at every turn,” he said. “That’s all we know how to do. That’s all John (Schneider) and I have been doing since we got here. Whatever is there, we’ve got to exhaust the opportunities for our club. (It comes) right from the owner. Jody (Allen) wants us to take a look at every single opportunity to better the franchise.”

Carroll has been careful not to promise anything about Wilson’s return. Asked on 710 ESPN whether Wilson would be back, he said, “Of course I do think that. Yeah, I do think that. He’s on our team.”  

He repeated the word “think” – making it clear he is not sure Wilson will remain a Seahawk. Just as he left it open in a statement last month in which Carroll said “it’s easy to dismiss (trade rumors) at this time.” Those last three words were the kicker, leaving the possibility that there will be a time when Carroll won’t be able to deny the possibility or likelihood of a trade.

While Carroll and Schneider are not going anywhere, it seems pretty clear that Wilson might be.

As Carroll said, “It’s going to take us some time to put it all together. There are a lot of really difficult decisions that have to be made at this time of year.”


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