People want ‘clarity’ on Carroll & Schneider, but we already have it

Some fans inexplicably were
expecting a big announcement from the Seahawks by the end of this week, after the season wrap meeting involving Jody Allen, Pete Carroll and John Schneider. But why would the franchise make an announcement that things are … staying the same?

It already was clear that Carroll and Schneider were not going anywhere. They both said it themselves as the season ended. Apparently, though, plenty of fans who want wholesale change think they are owed an explanation for why Allen is keeping Carroll and Schneider.

One of them is Russell Wilson’s friend Jake Heaps (the former Seahawk turned radio guy), who tweeted (edited), “Has this meeting between Seahawks ownership, Pete Carroll and John Schneider happened yet? If so, why haven’t we heard anything? Starting to really wonder what the heck is going. There needs to be clarity going into the offseason. Why is there a delay in providing it?”

Maybe Heaps wasn’t paying attention: Carroll provided the clarity earlier this week when he said there will be no big changes in Seattle despite the 7-10 season. He said he and Schneider are “in good shape,” and he said he wants to run it back with this same crew. Basically, he wants a do-over.

“I want to make sure we get our team back together,” Carroll said Monday. “We want to make sure that we’re able to reconnect with our guys and get them back on our roster so we can build with continuity. That’s the important part.”

That is about as clear as it gets: It is status quo almost across the board. Wilson is the only question mark, as we expected.

There is speculation that Carroll might be asked to give up his say in personnel and let Schneider have carte blanche. But that seems to be some serious wishful thinking.

Carroll sounded firmly in charge of personnel when he told 710 ESPN on Monday: “We love the guys that play in this locker room right now. This is a bunch of guys that really, really care about playing this game, and that’s a centerpiece for building a championship team … We have so many good aspects of our team, and I’m excited about adding to it and building and all that and also playing better. We can play better, which we will — and we’ll coach better, too.”

By winning four of the final six, Carroll said, “We were able to see the team that we can become. And over the course of this year, we didn’t get other things done, but we did see that.”

In his final speech to his players on Monday, “I told them — like I remember telling Kam (Chancellor) and Sherm (Richard Sherman) and those guys when they were in here years ago — that in this room right now is the nucleus of a championship team that we’ll add to. … But the guys in this room are the guys that are gonna make this happen.”

The biggest question is whether Wilson will still be one of the guys in the room. And not even Carroll seems sure of that.


One thought on “People want ‘clarity’ on Carroll & Schneider, but we already have it”

  1. already getting reports from Rappaport about Wilson “looking at his options”. Not even 1 week after the season ends. This will be non stop.

    Russ can be a top 5 QB when the run game and D are very good. I think there are also 15 or 20 qbs who can do that. Also a bottom 10 qb when they are not very good. Between his fatal flaws, his declining elusiveness, his salary and his passive aggressive “trade issues”, the team will never win a SB with him. He is a distraction, and not good enough to carry the team to a SB. He ain’t Brady or Rodgers.

    maybe we don’t win without him. But I have no fear he will go somewhere else and win a SB or an MVP.
    We won a SB playing Pete Ball. Last 2 games were almost Pete ball (D not good enough). Pete ain’t getting fired this year, probably not next. Let him try without Russ and either succeed or fail and blow it up.
    Deal with reality, or reality will deal with you

    “All I am saying is give Pete (ball) a chance” – John Lennon


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