Wilson ‘here to win it all’; can Waldron help make it happen?

“You know what heals all things? Winning.” – Russell Wilson

That’s all we need to know about the state of things between the Seahawks and their longtime Pro Bowl quarterback.

Even though he claims things are peachy now between him, Pete Carroll and the club, Wilson confirmed it was indeed a tumultuous offseason – and Wilson’s future in Seattle still seems to depend almost entirely on whether the Seahawks make it back to the Super Bowl. In every response Thursday about his drama-filled offseason, Wilson circled invariably back to the theme of winning.

“Coach Carroll and I spent a lot of time together one on one, and we’re on the same page,” Wilson said. “We’re here to do what we’re meant to do, and that’s to win it all. I’m excited. I’m excited about who we have, the guys we have. I’m excited where we are. Coach Carroll and my relationship couldn’t be any stronger. My focus is to win. Winning is everything to me.”

Wilson expectedly downplayed the trade talk from earlier this offseason and called the drama “overblown” while admitting “a lot of conversations” were had after he and his agent stirred the pot with criticisms and the infamous list of teams he would accept trades to.

Wilson said what he always says: He wants to play his entire career in Seattle. But he also repeated his new caveat: It’s hard for anything to last forever. 

“In terms of the trade talks,” he said, “I think any time you play professional sports, there’s always a possibility of something happening. I think that’s just a reality.

“I did not request a trade. I’ve always wanted to play here. … At the end of the day, the reality is that I’m here and I’m here to win. I’m here to win it all.”

What is unclear is what happens if the Seahawks do not win it all in 2021. What happens if they flame out in the first round again? Would Wilson then request a trade (rather than passive-aggressively hint he is OK leaving)? Or what if they make it to the NFC title game, falling a win short of the Super Bowl? Would he want out or would he see that as a step closer to winning it all?

For all of his talk about wanting to stay, the fact is Wilson wants to remain in Seattle only if the team is getting to the Super Bowl again. As we’ve said before, Wilson has a lot of say in his own destiny via his play. Wilson has proven he can keep the Seahawks a perennial playoff team, but he has not risen to the occasion (for various reasons) in the postseason over the past six years.

If he can’t elevate his play to beat good teams in December and January, it might be best if he did move on. But let’s see what Shane Waldron can do with Wilson first.

As we said earlier this offseason, Waldron is probably the key to Wilson’s future with the Seahawks. Waldron’s job is to help Wilson beat good defenses in key games, especially the playoffs. That’s why every practice with the new offensive coordinator is so important. These OTAs and next week’s minicamp are the start of putting together Waldron’s “super complex” scheme.

“We have some nuances across the board that really challenge the defense, using the whole field and really expanding the offense,” Wilson said. “Just using everybody as much as possible, in all different formations and different looks and different tempos.

“We’re going to be able to mix a lot of personnels, a lot of different people around, using the whole field. I think we’re going to be able to do everything that we want to. I think that the thing about Shane is he’s got … a great understanding of the game, and for us to be together, it’s going to be super exciting.

“I had … several conversations along the way with him during the process. And I really believe in him. I believe in this football team; I believe in the guys that are in the huddle with me. And he makes it really smooth, a great transition.

“Guys are really prepared. We are smarter than ever. We are ready to roll.”

We’re ready, too. The drama is over for now. Let’s see if Wilson and company can win it all in 2021. Let’s see if winning really does “heal all things.”

And, if the Hawks don’t win it all, we’ll deal with next year … next year.


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