Still more deals to do, with Brown and Adams

The Seahawks have already done a couple of deserved extensions this offseason (Tyler Lockett and Michael Dickson), but they still have business to take care of before the season gets here.

They were reminded of it today as Jamal Adams missed minicamp and word emerged that Duane Brown (at camp as an observer) wants a new contract.

Pete Carroll said talks are ongoing with Adams’ reps, with nothing imminent, but the coach didn’t make any promises about Brown’s contract.

The great news is that Brown, coming off his best Seattle season at age 35, wants to play beyond 2021.

“He’s a big part of what we’re doing and we’re counting on him being with us,” Carroll said. “We’ll look down the road together, and we’ll see what’s the right thing to do coming up. He’s just been a great part of our program and his leadership, his toughness, what he stands for as a man, he’s just a remarkable guy, so we would love for him to be with us. If he wants to keep playing, we want him to keep playing.

“We’re always talking about the business stuff,” Carroll said, “so that’s always something that’s topical, because he is in his last year coming up.”

The Seahawks should be amenable to bumping his pay on a new three-year deal.

Brown averages $11.5 million on the deal he signed in 2018. That ranks 16th among NFL left tackles. The Seahawks should be willing to boost him to $15 million a year, which would put him in the top 10. Give him a three-year deal and be happy if he plays two of those — and hope Stone Forsythe or someone else is ready to take over after that.

This should not be a problem – unless Seattle decides it’s not “the right thing to do” or Brown overvalues himself. The NFL’s top five left tackles are all over $18 million, but the Seahawks are very unlikely to want to pay that to Brown, who turns 36 in August.

As for Adams, his contract has been hovering in the background all offseason – through the Russell Wilson drama and the moves that have kept the Seahawks’ roster in playoff condition.

Carroll said it’s “a big contract process”that has been “amicable, very respectful.”

“They’ve been good talks, and it just hasn’t been able to get settled at this point,” he said. “But it’s coming.”

We went over the complicating factors in Adams’ contract in January, and Adams in February foreshadowed “interesting” negotiations. Contract expert Joel Corry gave his take last week as well, further explaining the impasse.

Adams did not make it sound like he would hold out for a new deal, but you never know until training camp starts. Carroll said he expects Adams to report on time.

The Hawks celebrated Adams as their top pick in April’s draft and said he was a big part of the future.

“We want him to be here long-term, for sure,” John Schneider said in April. “We’re really glad we made this trade to get him. He’s going to be a very important part of our future.”

But a deal doesn’t seem like it will be easy to hit, unless the Seahawks are willing to pay Adams more like a pass rusher ($18 million or more) than the top safety ($16 million).

We agree with Randy Mueller that Adams might end up playing out his option year and then Seattle might use the franchise tag on him next offseason. Based on the projected $208.2 million cap, that would mean a tag of around $12.7 million. There’s no way Adams will want to play for that in 2022, which would mean Schneider might need to explore flipping him, a la Frank Clark in 2019.

Speaking of trades, the price for Julio Jones going from Atlanta to Tennessee was very reasonable: a 2 and 4, with a 6 coming back. The Seahawks could have done that, but they could not have comfortably fit Jones’ $15.3 million salary, even with a Russell Wilson restructure, which is probably why they reportedly did not make an offer.

If he had been amenable to revamping his contract to a one-year deal, that is probably the only way Seattle might have considered it. It seems likely that Schneider checked out that possibility and was rebuffed by Jones’ agent. It was a bit of a fantasy to think the Hawks might end up with Jones joining DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. But it was a fun one for a minute.


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