Jody Allen aggressively pursuing another title

Jody AllenAt the Combine, John Schneider and Pete Carroll both talked up “amazing” new owner Jody Allen, who has seamlessly stepped in for her late brother Paul Allen.

Carroll noted, “She will surprise the heck out of you. She is on it. She is aggressive in her approach.”

That last part is worth repeating, apparently, as a source told Bob Condotta that “early indications are that Jody Allen might even be more willing to be as aggressive as possible to keep the team at a high competitive level each season than was Paul Allen, whose general inclination (was) to think more about the long-term big picture.”

Jody’s mentality seems to line up very well with the team’s situation, as Carroll aims to be “formidable” as he winds down his tenure and the Seahawks enter a salary-cap reset this year and next. This is the time to be aggressive.

The Seahawks are just a few pieces — particularly a pass rusher and run stopper — from Super Bowl contention and have the cap flexibility this year to add them.

Jody Allen apparently is not one to meddle in daily operations, but it sounds like she has given Carroll and Schneider her blessing to be aggressive in pushing this team back to the top.

That would include, obviously, making sure they keep Frank Clark and D.J. Fluker and add a good veteran pass rusher, such as Robert Quinn or Justin Houston, and a solid run-stopping nose tackle.

It also could include giving Russell Wilson a fully guaranteed three-year deal.

We detailed how the Hawks could structure things to have plenty of money for a couple of splurges, so it will be interesting to see what Schneider does over the next couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “Jody Allen aggressively pursuing another title”

  1. If that abomination of a Super Bowl really did fearure the two best teams in the NFL, the ‘Hawks are not far off. Besides adding an edge rusher and run-stopper, the corners need to develop more. And they can’t open up the offense — assuming they’d like to — without a legit #3 WR.

    Is Poona Ford the run stopper, or is he too small to be anything other than a situational player?


    1. Agreed on the WR need. Also need to keep a vet OG, replace Wright if not re-signed and find a slot CB if Coleman leaves.

      I think the starting corners will develop — Carroll seems very focused on pushing them.

      Great question on Ford. I think they definitely need a veteran DT to make sure.


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